Aroused by Arête, a meditating logophile


Thanks so much for visiting!

My photos, poems and opinions are meant to both
entertain and challenge
as my mission is to make people THINK!

I am passionate about supporting one another,
ending violence at every level
and lessening my carbon footprint
Interested then please read my posts?

Know that we are ONE
and that community and connection
strengthen our resilience and inner kindness

Meet the Blogger” is my other blog to introduce
a diverse range of the awesome writers!
Contemplation ignited my creativity …

Lack of tech skills evolved in my blog becoming ‘Aroused’
shortened from my intended “Aroused by Arete”
as we all need morality [arête]
to progress along our paths

Please feel free to escape and recharge here
then leave your imprint in the form of
constructive comments and likes
but NO awards thank you!


I love nature in all her beauty!


19 thoughts on “About

  1. Love your blog! Just wanted to say thank you to you Kate for supporting my blog from the very beginning – your comments meant a lot to me and were very encouraging and uplifting. Although today is my last post i will continue to enjoy your amazing blog


  2. it was a pleasure to discover your blog Kate 🙂 amazed with the mix of photography and writing, so just started to follow you 🙂 stay safe and greetings from Portugal! PedroL

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  3. Hi there, pleased to meet you! Thanks for the cool comment on Yes, all the drawings are my own. And somewhere along the line I decided not to do “comments.” It’s a long story, and perhaps not always “legit” but I guess we all have to figure it out for ourselves.!

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  4. Hi, Sarah here from

    I live in a small town in Devon, UK. Over the last few years the town has raised money to renovate our town hall and make it into a community asset. A friend of mine, Anne Tattersall, is now managing it and continuing fundraising. Anne is organising a “Festival of Women’s Voices” as a fundraiser for next International Women’s Day. Somehow I’ve volunteered to help, by looking for donations of poems from my women poet contacts around the world. Ideally, Anne would like to be able to link to women reading their work, but I’m not sure about the logistics of that. Failing that, we’d like to do a display, and maybe use some words on tea-towels. If you feel you could donate a poem that would be wonderful.

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  5. Hello Kate 🙂 Found your blog through Miriam’s link for Dan’s birthday poem!
    I’ll be checking out for your next posts… and I’ll probably go peek at “meet the bloggers” too!

    Have a lovely weekend!

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  6. I believe you and I have been floating around the blogosphere for the same amount of time, give or take a month. I share a lot of your views – the understanding that war doesn’t bring peace, concern for the carbon footprint, the belief that we are one. I’m glad I finally got to meet you.

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  7. You happened upon a post of mine and liked it…ergo my return the kindness clause is activated and I had to pop over and have a look at yours. Nice modus operandi, global citizen….I like that. It fits with my ethos that underneath the political angst people just want to get on. Blogging proves that too because I’ve made friends all over the world. Hope you don’t mind me following 🙃

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