a Timeless Love Story

with a scifi twist

Warning: Please don’t let your kids read this as it may cause nightmares and reduce the influx through those front gates!

Setting: an alternative dimension within Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Australia

This is a true love story that exceeds time and dimensions [and will become an awesome action video once my new devise is delivered]. It evolves when dinosaurs wandered the land, when people supported each other as the need arose. If a man were the tall silent wooden type then his woman made things happen, or vice versa!

Gonzalez and Grufalo enjoyed residing within the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary in another dimension but only those with open hearts could see, hear or photograph them. Nowadays it seems only some children and wildlife – and me – have such open hearts. Unfortunately adults got caught up in consumerism and became brain numbed by their devises and so their hearts grew foggy filtering out most of the wonder and beauty that surrounds them!

As you may have guessed from their portrait shot Grufalo is indeed the tall silent wooden type who preferred to watch the kids enjoy the Blinky Bill shows. While his cute lil gal Gonzalez was the fearless provider who loved nothing more than a wild adventure, she thrived on creating mischief and taunting those around her … 

Bored with eating the café leftovers from the hoards of tourists Gonzalez decided it was time for a real tasty omelette. And dino eggs sure made a full nourishing meal! She wandered about most days unobserved keeping a close eye on all those nosy noisy tourists, the pleasant young employees – nearly 200 of them by her count – and the super bossy grumpy volunteers and the bored caged wildlife. So she knew exactly which dino was laying delicious eggs and decided it was time to raid her nest.

Gonzalez was fully aware that the dino’s stuck closely together, a lean mean supportive team. But she snuck off anyway to try her luck …

As soon as she snatched that egg she realised that Rex had spotted her, so she gleefully fled with Rex in hot pursuit!

Well the school kids screamed in horror, they were only visiting and didn’t realise that this kind of pursuit happened on a regular basis as Gonzalez loved those delicious eggs. And she knew Milly had more than sufficient so she wouldn’t really miss one.

But her neighbour Rex was always keen on any diversion from his daily humdrum of sedentary posing.

The kids ran as one anxious to clamber the Moreton Bay fig to escape Rex’s wrath.  At the same time a few young teens swung into the trees keen to climb the ropes and steps provided for such incidents – management claimed they were for a Tree Top experience but who would pay that much to swing like Tarzan above the heads of tourists and inmates alike. All that climbing gear and ropes were really there for a quick escape when the dino’s were onto Gonzalez.

The beasts all hunkered down, not really scared but wisely keeping their heads low when Rex was in one of his moods. So the chase was on for young and old with most tourists, staff and volunteers quite obliviously blind to the drama as it unfolded around them.

Needless to say Gonzalez made good her escape, made her beloved Grufalo a tantalisingly delicious omelette, and bided her time before she amused herself with her next escapade with the wondrous inmates of her little realm in paradise on the gangster coast of Queensland. She blended in perfectly and had no wish to change her wily ways!

PS Be very sure that the trains are running – they weren’t during our visit! Coz none of us can run as fast as athletic gymnast Gonzalez, especially when she’s craving that caffeine fix. That may look like a phone in her back pocket but its actually a dino laser … yes she stuns them to ensure her safe escape! So next time your kids or parents are behaving badly aim a phone and press any button to check if it’s a stun gun too.


  1. Oh what a fun read to click onto on my return Kate… Loved it, and it had me smiling my way through it, laughing.. We definitely need more laughter and humour..
    Sending Love and hugs your way xx ❤

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  2. I agree with Ivor…whimsical story! It is great that you are doing so many new things. Life is an adventure and it is more fun if we try something different here and there. I do love your poetry as well!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That’s so funny, Kate. I look forward to seeing the movie. I don’t recall seeing dinosaurs at Currumbin. It was a wet day so we didn’t stay long. We must have missed more than I thought.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I can’t wait to make it but have no idea when my new laptop will arrive from the big smoke … then I’ve got to set it up. But my video footage should make the chase far more real 🙂

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