Mother’s Day!

Hoping you are all enjoying a memorable time with your offspring!

Here is the second in the Date with Kate series … it’s less than five and a half minutes

plus my latest duck video available on rumble


    • I hadn’t either but it’s a wondrous alternative … amazing what one finds in a time of need 🙂

      not sure what it was cos we know it went on for more than 20 minutes with NO diminishing of intensity … amazing to witness and capture even that small burst of flurry 🙂 thanks Bella

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  1. What a lovely idea you have here kate with recording…it felt like you are just in front of me. I love listening to this…(i’ve listened it twice)…and the video of the ducks…oh, how adorable…

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  2. Loved the recording, Kate! Loved the video! I have never seen ducks crowd together like that. Amazing! ❤

    The wildlife sanctuary sounds delightful! Glad you had a pleasant outing with your friend. I look forward to seeing more animal videos. 🙂

    My computer is on its last legs too…ten years old. I am doing research on computers. 🙂

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  3. Just delightful Kate! You have such a lovely speaking voice…that is a gift. I so loved the ducks…such darling creatures. it does make a person happy just to look at them. Thank you for sharing this uplifting post. I am glad you had a wonderful day at the wildlife sanctuary with your friend. Nature is a blessing that God has bestowed upon us abundantly. It is like music to our souls…the birds that sing, the flowers that bloom, all the marvelous creatures that make us smile.

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  4. I enjoyed your talk, Kate, and thank you for your Mother’s Day wishes.
    I took the grandchildren to Currumbin Sanctuary a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, it was a wet day and we didn’t stay long but did get to see lots of things too. Like you, I was amazed at how much it had changed from yesteryear.
    The ducks are very cute – so many of them!

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  5. Thank you for this beautiful, fun, and wise Happy Mother’s Day messages! And video!
    What fun! I enjoyed listening to you…and listening to those active-ducks! (They get a lot done at one time! 😉 ) 🙂 ❤️🦆

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  6. Good morning Kate … whoops I have to turn my music off (Damien Rice) while I listen to your audio play … I enjoy hearing your voice, and pleasant interlude to my morning breakfast routine … before me and Frankie head off for our morning walkies … we don’t walk too far, about 2 km, but it’s enough for my limpy old shuffle … and I always take lots of photos along the way … Oh those ducks were having a flourishing time … Here’s a Damien Rice music/video, I’m going to see him in concert (here in Geelong!) on Thursday night …

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    • thanks so much Kerfe … rumble seems much more user friendly!

      Have ordered a new computer but being rural I will have to await delivery from the city … this should improve my editing ability heaps 🙂

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