a date with kate

Have taken your feedback on board and after the traditional yt brush off I’ve come to the conclusion that meditation is already more than adequately offered on a plethora of platforms … and they have mountains more tech skills than me eg presentations are seamless, plus they know the SEO system. So here is my turn about.

Those closest have frequently urged me to write that bestseller but frankly I prefer a more relaxed chat. All those words have been written before. I prefer interaction rather than plugging book sales. Deeper friendships are forged by sincere communication rather than the remote sojourns of anonymous readers.

a Date with Kate 
will be earthy forays into life attitudes
from someone with a PhD
in life experiences!

So grab your favourite beverage, sit comfortably … if you need sensory distractions then play an audio or video of your own choice very softly. I may occasionally suggest something if I feel it fits the mood.

Make this your time to chill, listen, relax, nod off, so please turn your notifications down. As you prepare to be entertained or challenged; indulge a giggle or a snort with plenty of thought. I can promise over time I will introduce a bit of everything, no stone unturned as they say. I encourage you to chat with each other in the comments section … agree, disagree, share your opinions and views. If you become too self-indulgent I’m not adverse to that delete key. Generally I like to provoke a bit of controversy; poke people out of complacency; aid different ideas and opinions to flow.

This in turn empowers more creative thinking, energises and soothes as you become more familiar with your own patterns and habits. Enabling you to sample different perspectives that reaffirm your life choices.

This audio is 6 minutes and 22 seconds, just in those last few seconds is a ‘pop’ then a decrease in volume – I most certainly did not hear it at the time of recording.  Am yet to master editing skills on audio.  Those first six minutes + are reasonable quality from my end with my local bird noises in the background. Enjoy and ponder!

Listen to two or three episodes
if it’s for you then please share
If it’s not to your taste
then please move on with good grace


  1. I made myself a cup of tea and sat in a secluded corner of my home and let your voice wash over me. What an experience! Thanks, sis. 🙂

    Honestly, I prefer it this way…closing my eyes and listening. 🙂

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  2. Thank you for sharing this, Kate! Your beautiful calm voice, your wonderful cadence, your important messages brought me such joy! I enjoy hearing about your life experiences. You are so right that we never know from day to day what we will encounter or what/who will encounter us. We must chose to live life fully every day and live it as it might be our last…make each day count, with joy! 🙂
    Those idiot-speeding drivers are so dangerous to themselves and others.
    In January 2019, we got our will revised and got everything set and paid for to be cremated when we die. I feel good that our kids won’t have to pay for anything or make any arrangements…it’s all done and ready to go. 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙏❤️🙏❤️
    PS…I was anticipating the BIG BANG noise and yet it still made me jump! Ha! 🙂


    • So sorry to make you jump, HUGS 🙂

      Making that will and those arrangements puts the mind at ease. If we ignore it,it does become a burden for the family trying to guess your preference or arguing over what they’d prefer. This way it’s clean clear and we can get on with life 🙂 HUGS and pats 🙂

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  3. I am back Kate… Loved your philosophy on life. And sending LOVE to these people who are angry at the world .. They often do not know how to react… They want confrontation so they can vent back… You sent love… so he had no where to go with that…
    I got caught up in our evening meal earlier and evening with hubby… But I am having half and hour before bedtime…
    Oh and you were right about the noise at the end.. I was listening with headphones on.. Jumped out of my skin. LOL…. Even though you prepared us.. Hahahaha….
    Loved your voice… So calming… xx ❤

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    • appreciate you being honest about that Cindy, it highlights what I referred to last week in ‘motivation’ … if you fall asleep then you need that more 🙂 Take care precious 🙂


  4. While sitting on my living room sofa, I was in a quiet setting to just listen and absorb some thoughts. In the years that I have left, I hope to leave my footprints of kindness in as many places as possible. Kate, I appreciate how your confident voice shares a safe place to be . . . away from the everyday noise (but I will look both ways when crossing a busy road).

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  5. Thank you for this dear Kate… I will look foreword to listening. I am smiling here as I spent the biggest part of Yesterday editing and uploading a video I made on my walk in the woods, via the Windows video maker… Which took forever.. Only to discover errors lol once uploaded to my computer… So again I started again…. to have music issues… which I forgot to fade out at the end.. LOL… But its staying…
    One thing Kate… WE don’t give up….
    I will be back once I listen.. ❤ xx ❤

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  6. I listened to the recording. Your voice calms down, speech soothes, calms down, makes a person feel better. I’m glad that I met you.
    I wish you a lot of health

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  7. I ‘listened’ to your audio, and my beverage was a glass of red wine, I smiled, as I thought about today, my mother’s birthday which is on the same day as my wife’s funeral … life is like that Kate … we are not in charge, but we can try to make the most of what is available to us and do the best that we are capable of doing … here is a song that I listened to today … although a sad tune I think the lyrics are quite positive …

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