a short clip on how to deal more skillfully with worry and anxiety, two huge waters of time and energy!

This is my first effort at voice over and have made my voice louder and clearer but with that comes a background buzz … any clues on how to improve this ‘sound’ would be invaluable?  Thanks so much


  1. I like your advice Kate. Trying to avoid a particular thought would not help but allocating time is a good option. I hear you clearly and I agree about the buzz sound but sorry no clue.

    I love the birds image, never seen them before. The image and the video are quite close though.

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  2. Very good tips! I especially like the idea of a specific, but limited, time to worry about our problems. That would work better for me than simply trying not to worry. And PS: I think your voice came through just fine!

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  3. I can’t help but think that in the real world we hear a lot of voices and we don’t have a problem with that. Your voice is soothing. I’m glad I came across your blog, because I always get relieved when I read your posts. I send greetings, and in Europe the most beautiful season of the year begins – spring.

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  4. You do have a wonderful voice. I enjoyed listening to our voice over. I’ve not watched the news for nearly 25 years. So it was nice to hear you say it. I feel like I know you better just having heard your voice.

    Chris and I decided to stop watching because the Mississippi flooded real bad. I didn’t live near it. We had the tv on just watching the same news over and over and we decided not to watch anymore. 😀 😀

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  5. No buzzing when I watched! Also the advice was spot on! I just don’t watch the news and scanning the headlines is about as far as most news goes. Of course being an informed voter means I have to read a lot of upsetting stuff. But again I’m meditating and will now visualize locking the worry away…

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  6. Thank you for making this Kate and I also commented on YouTube. The buzz sounds like its in your microphone or microphone input. Even increasing volume should not produce that buzz. Try wiggling it or another port or mic. Your advice is very good and clearly expressed

    I think it’s great you are trying new platforms of communication. Enjoy the learning process 🌹

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  7. Practical, excellent advice, Kate! The sound quality sounded good to me! ❤

    Two strategies I use are similar to those in the video. I try not to dwell on problems until the time I will be able to solve them. For example, needing to call an office that is not open on the weekend. I get involved in activities that keep my attention such as going to the grocery store, playing Scrabble, watching a movie, or blogging.

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  8. I didn’t hear the background buzz…I just focused on your soothing voice!
    I think this vid is a HUGE success…your voice, the scenery, your advice/message!
    Good reminders to help with anxiety and worry. Those two stinkers ARE time and energy wasters, unhappy-companions ( 😉 )! They don’t help and they take away peace.
    OOH! Grr! They should be sent packing! 😉 😀
    Thank you for this beautiful post, SweetKate!!! 🙂 The birdies are sweet, too! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) ❤️☮️ 🙂

    PS…I like watching your videos on YouTube and giving them 👍 !!! 🙂

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  9. Loved your voice over, and advice dear Kate.. We can do nothing about things outside our control… Except breathe through them as you say and let go.. ❤
    ( I just finished making a short video of our allotment plot.. and spoke on it.. It is Not clear at all… but it is what it is… Lol… I have yet to upload to YT.. ) 🙂 We learn as we go.. 🙂

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    • exactly, appreciate your understanding Sue … finding that balance between background noise and voice projection without hollywood resources is super tough! Some of my videos have royalty free music as the noises drowned my voice entirely.

      Can’t wait to see your plot .. can you upload it on WP? I struggled with that too, still got my L plates on 🙂

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  10. I think the sound is fine, but it might work even better if there was more background noise that links the listener to the visuals. Let the bird life and the sound of the water (or whatever background visuals you choose) be part of the experience. I think the listener/viewer needs to feel that they are in the space with you, rather than looking at a scene and listening to a voice that seems to come from another scene.
    Is it possible to do the whole thing live and on location? I don’t even think that the location need be all that carefully selected. Why not do one on a busy street in heavy traffic? Because you are trying to help people (I think) in real world situations and they need to understand that all this stuff applies to the real world – they don’t have to find a deserted bit of beach every time they have to get their head together.
    But if they are walking along a beach and you are talking to them then they need to think you are there beside them, they’d like to hear your footsteps. And if you stub your toe on a bit of driftwood and let out a little expletive, then so much the better.


    • I hear you pops but as I don’t have access to all the fancy technology if you listen to the other videos that I filmed on location you’d be really surprised that the wind and ocean are so loud they drown out my voice entirely … finding that balance is a juggle for a newbie!

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        • my intention was to actually make a podcast – voice only. Have tried so many ‘audio’ systems you’ve no idea! Idea was apparently ppl can download podcasts to listen as they walk or canoe or wallow in bed … but that seems a skill beyond my current scope.

          But all a work in progress, as I learn more skills I can post better sound/visuals but main thing now is to share my knowledge in the hope that it helps even one 🙂

          I think news crews sound system must cost a fortune and I am minus the crew and the equipment 😦


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