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Peace is the result of retraining your mind
to process life as it is,
rather than as you think it should be. ~Wayne W. Dyer

Yes I’ve started a YT channel, only to motivate a friend, with no idea that I’d get so hooked!  Hooked I am and I’ve been posting some pretty shoddy videos as I’ve not even used ‘movie’ mode on my camera before. Know some of you want to grab the camera from my hands and do it better so maybe I shouldn’t be sharing my ‘Learning’ efforts but we all have to start somewhere.

As a meditator for decades I have led and taught meditation/relaxation in many places around Australian, NZ and Nepal to groups of 12 to 166 at a time. Sometimes with simultaneous translations going on at the same time.

A recent reminder of mortality has inspired me to collect a little of what I’ve learnt into an easy to access package for anyone seriously interested in self growth or development.  No doubt you’ve already found ways to relax and probably have a strong belief – I don’t intend to challenge those in any way. Unless your ‘relax’ mode is unhealthy then look out!

So it is my intention to produce

  1.  a podcast series on Mind Training, free and easy for you to use as you wish. 
  2.  a range of videos of my local area and travels as they arise .. with better editing I hope
  3.  hoping to eventually include some more humorous videos, a mix between Monty Python and Rick Bickling.  That will need far better editing skills so this is a long term vision.

Sure there are plenty of blogs and videos available on the topic but how many of those are practicing what they preach?

I understand podcasts are usually longer but as I’m new to this process I’ll start with bite size portions which will build up. I do intend to include some actual meditations; years ago war veterans organised a radio studio to record some of my meditations as they preferred my voice.

Guidance by someone who has actually been genuinely working on themselves will help avoid burnout or blowouts. For those trying too hard symptoms can arise such as chronic fatigue or long-term covid. If you are not warned that it will take a long time, needs much persistent effort and can get very tough then you are being misled. Initially all our garbage needs to arise, situations we’ve not handled so well. Then we need to make time to reflect on how we could have done it better. Past hardships or grief not resolved will arise to smack us in the face. That’s a huge sign that you are sincerely making inroads to taming your own mind.

In a nutshell by knowing ourselves, what motivates us and how we react we gradually learn to ‘let go’, to go with the flow and be ONE with ourselves and our environment … kindness to ourselves and each other is key!

Here is a taste  …

You may have noticed that I’ve been reblogging old posts … with my change of focus I’ll be spending less time on WP and seriously considered deleting my blog.  But reading through I realised that I do like most of what I’ve posted and like me you probably don’t have the time or interest to delve into my archives.  So am reposting a few gems with no intention to delete ‘aroused’.


  1. This really made me smile. You learn how to post better videos by starting!!!!! I know your last post said you were locked out. Doesn’t make it any less awesometastic. I love that you’re sharing your awesomeness in ways that best work for you.

    I’d love for you to keep your WP page simply because I’d miss you were you to delete it. Yah, I know I often disappear from here. Your posts always make me smile. And I’ll always remember you because you encouraged me to taje and share my pictures, which I hadn’t realised I enjoyed doing.

    Love and sparkles ♡♡♡

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  2. Looking forward for your Podcast Kate..and yes, you are correct there are so many podcasts that talks about healing, mindfulness (etc) but how many of them really practice it…

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  3. I am glad that you are not deleting your blog Kate and you found a reason to stay. Learning keeps us going forward and helping others is a cherry on the top. You are a truly motivational person.

    Wonderful message Kate. I practice breathing technique when I lie down at bed every night. It helps me to calm down and relieve stress. 🙏

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    • very smart, and it works because you do it regularly … too many only try to do it in times of extreme distress but without making it a regular habit it seldom works 🙂

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  4. You have a very soothing voice…hence the name “calmkate” 😊 Keep on following your heart and doing your work in the world. I’m happy you have decided to keep this blog open to share your evolving journey and your voice. 🙏❤️🙏

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  5. Kate pl do not delete your blog. You are an amazing blogger, so motivating and supporting all of us. Thank you so much for your podcast and it is so good you helping people who are right now facing so much problems in their life. We require people like you. Thanks a lot dear Kate.

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    • really appreciate your vote of confidence thanks Kamal … as I said on reading so many old poems I knew I could not delete my blog. I am still struggling to upload audio only to YT so will need to put my words to a movie … now that is super creative but I am up for the challenge 🙂


    • I just finished listening to your beautiful soothing voice…I’ve been reading a lot about meditation over the past year and after listening to your prompt, I’m ready to create a peaceful space (it will be in the bedroom and I’ve already kitted out my night table…I will sit on the bed with a view of the mountains and sky and after hearing your words, I can hardly wait to start)!

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  6. I am one of your YT listeners and viewers. Podcasts are a great way to spread your words. I loved listening to the calmness of your voice. Its melodious and soothing. All the best Kate! You are fantabulous.

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  7. Wishes Galore for all the true joys on your new ventures and adventures my friend. With choices to be on different platforms in different ways, it does take a curve to get to the clarity of how we want to flow and express – I am glad you have arrived at one place of clarity in that, and know that your heartfelt offerings will be a gift to those who choose to receive it.

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  8. Best wishes for your new venture! I’m excited for you to be trying a new way to share your expertise in meditation and self-care. And as an aside, it’s nice to hear your voice for a change! I’m glad you’re not deleting your blog.

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    • I’m not attached to things Ann so it made sense … then I started reading my earlier posts and realised there were some real gems amongst the clutter … so will share a few 🙂


    • thanks so much Lisa … I have searched and searched for a ‘link’ to my YT channel, so if anyone can give me a clue I’d much appreciate it? Otherwise just click on any video in my last few posts and get there “mindful distractions’ and best way to find me again would be to subscribe. Thanks so much Lisa 🙂

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  9. Wishing you blessings with your new venture! Before I had trouble with my hips, I loved the yoga classes that I went to. I found the quietude very refreshing. I am very excited for you and I know that you will be a blessing to many. It is important in life to quiet your mind and listen to your heart. (Your first session sounded very good!)

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