real GOLD

a peek of gold

Loyalty and Respect
are the real gold

for without these I am a pauper
they are crucial for meaningful
relationships and self worth

they are the foundation for
life, peace of mind and success

without these golden qualities
I flounder adrift, quite lost

they involve taking responsibility
for my words thoughts and deeds

as doing this puts me at ease
keeps at bay most dis ease

others sensing my authenticity
gather to support, keen to befriend

those lacking such qualities
are intimidated, steering clear in fear

so it becomes like a shield
only allowing the healthy within
keeping the unhealthy at a distance

feed these qualities and life will evolve
in a healthy friendly manner
ignore them at your peril …


  1. Beautiful Kate my dear!! So eloquently stated! 🙂

    I’ve been wanting to email you, but have been all over social media posting a new poem and artwork for earth day, so I thought I’d pop over to WordPress and say hi!

    Sending lots of warm wishes, hugs, and love always!

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  2. Loyalty and respect are important in interpersonal relationships “so it becomes like a shield only allowing the healthy within keeping the unhealthy at a distance”.
    And that bit of gold in the sky is so beautiful and delightful.

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  3. Love this, SweetKate! ❤️So true! 🙂
    The golds in nature are rare, enjoyed, and beautiful!
    The golds in relationships (like respect and loyalty) are necessary, appreciated, and beautiful!
    Seems most of the world’s religions, and cultural ways of thinking, include The Golden Rule: “Treat other people the way you want to be treated.” This seems to be forgotten these days.
    (((HUGS))) 💛☀️💛⭐ 💛

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  4. Let’s make sure we distinguish LOYALTY in the high-minded sense from LOYALTY in the Trumpian sense. Trump DEMANDS loyalty, and woe be to him or her whose conscience, sooner or later, catches up with them and liberates them from Trump’s tyranny.

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