April hits
poetry blitz

poem a day
creation at play
read write away

enchanted with much choice
as poets give voice
talent galore to rejoice
Byron Kendall or Joyce

tasty morsels engage and enthrall
some small yet stand tall
some crawl while others drawl
it’s a blast a ball
join in devour the haul

a Ziggeraut poem, thanks Cheryl! My pic from Moama


  1. The photograph looks beautiful. April is not in favor here. It damn hot and sweaty. With the heat waves turning the head to hit the water more than twice. 😀
    A playful poem. Joy filled imagery.

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  2. Kate, your video shares more of the beautiful wonder. Being pretty much a landlocked dweller, I am always fascinated with these scenes. When a poet begins to craft, she opens up her soul with every verse, ready to share.

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  3. A wonderful video Kate … and indeed a poem a day, keeps those cobwebs at bay
    Here is a poem that will be published next month at ‘Masticadores USA’

    “Anything is Everything”

    During my morning walk
    Every step I took hurt
    I know
    Striding through the pain
    Moves me forward
    Toward certain gain

    In the pool this afternoon
    Every stroke I took hurt
    I know
    Swimming through the pain
    Pushes me forward
    To the end of my lane

    Anything I do hurts
    Everything I achieve
    Keeps my body above the dirt

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