an authentically good heart
is so precious to impart
warm care and acceptance
of others brings me great joy
so real kindness I must employ
for a good heart radiates love

an open heart enhances all it touches

my pic in WA


  1. an open heart enhances all it touches- so true kate. and I adore your youtube video…what a view you have in there… the waves and the sky; are so beautiful.

    your videos on youtube are a breath of fresh air kate, with videos being posted on pranking people and making of poking fun at others, this one is something that we should all be watching. it is raw and simply beautiful.(I’m sorry I can’t leave this comment there as I am not sure yet how they protect the privacy in YT)

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    • really appreciate your very kind words thanks Mich … I only posted a youtube video to inspire a friend but love it and felt there was a real gap. So glad I can fill it with the natural beauty that surrounds me 🙂


  2. So true! So beautiful! So inspiring! And an open-heart in action is contagious…the joy and love are grow and are multiplied! 🙂
    OH! Your photo and vid are of such fascinating beauty!
    ❤️💚💜 🙂 💛💙💗

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  3. Inspiring words! I love your heart and wish that more people the world over could imitate that kindness and caring – we’d be able to end wars and change the planet!! As for the photo- it looks like a land before time. Absolutely prehistoric!!

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