open communication is kind and boldly honest
it involves negotiation and compromise
it fosters mature healing
enhances relationships
makes me more approachable
vulnerable but authentic

communication enables basically everything

my pic of WA wildflowers

my previous post on ‘communication’


  1. Kate, your post communicates through many avenues. Your poetic verses and video of clouds sharing their beauty both remind me of the fragile nature of the world around us. May we never take anything for granted.

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  2. Lovely Kate.. Authenticity is what we all should be aware of when communicating in a debate. Great words here Kate.. ❤
    Sending Love your way… Sorry I cannot catch all of your posts Kate… but love that heart of yours my friend..
    ❤ Sue xx

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  3. Yes communication is the basis of all relationships but sometimes our silence is more effective than our words. It is one of the difficult aspects to master. Even if I know I am right I don’t want to hurt my mum at her age.

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    • I used to run ‘active listening’ workshops … communication is key to all our relationships and clarification is key to better understanding


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