The tree stands so patiently,
Not asking “What can I be? What can I be?
For the tree is as sure as a tree can be,
That its purpose in life is to be a tree,
Without a doubt, it knows its worth
Roots delving deep into the Earth
Branches standing strong and proud,
Pointing at the passing clouds,
All of nature loves the tree,
In its beautiful simplicity,
And without a word its teaches me,
To be happy with just being me
-Author unknown

my pics of trees I found on my recent trip

This is your reminder to be happy just being you, you are amazing!


  1. A tree is calming when you embrace it and hug it. It gives strength and power to man and supplies oxygen. Your photos are unique, interesting, fabulously beautiful.

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  2. OOH!!! I love trees! Always have!
    I find them beautiful in all 4 nature-seasons and in all of their life-seasons! They even have purpose and value after they are gone. 🙂
    That poem sums it up beau-tree-fully! 🙂
    Learning from a tree…Happy to be me! 🙂

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