loyalty is the essence of true friendship
it means to stand by someone
support them through thick or thin
to accept them warts and all
to defend when others demean
to intervene when bias bubbles

loyalty is a true gift, treasure those who have it!

Sorry still on holiday, am trying to catch up … be home in a week!

galahs mate for life, they are very loyal – my pic


  1. Love the vid and music! 🙂
    Your poem message is so true! I am so grateful for friends and they are a treasure! 🙂
    Cool photo of the mural of the galahs! 🙂
    Enjoy your travels! Create the fun fun FUN! 😉 😀
    (((HUGS))) ❤️❤️❤️

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  2. Blessed I am to have some friends who have always been there and life seems meaningless without them. Advising me, cheering for me, scolding me and crying with me, never judging, they make life beautiful.
    Beautiful reminder. 🙂

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    • you say it so well Parikhit, they do make like much more meaningful and it’s a delight to know they are always there for us 🙂

      PS still no way to find your blog 😦
      so please post a link here in the comments section? If I follow you that should do the trick but you do need to link to get other readers …

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      • Yes, they are the family we have outside our family and what makes them all the more special is that the bond is not of blood, but love and trust.

        (Interestingly when I click on my name in the comment section it takes me to my blog. Let me have a look again. And I’ll send you a message)


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