harmony sweeps away my pollution
calm peace is preferable
for conflict tarnishes and rusts
seek a wiser solution
 tolerance patience or even distraction
warm kindness extinguishes hostility

conflict causes dis-ease
harmony brings ease

this Brahminy Kite is both aware and curious … in complete harmony with his environment!


  1. Hit the nail there Kate. The first bird is the Osprey that is always at the breakwall or one of them anyway. Cool video. So hard on full zoom to hold steady isn’t it? The beach sweeps were great 🙂

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    • still practicing thanks Brian, as they were my absolute first I don’t think they were too bad! Had a beautiful morning stop today and camera battery was flat … always the way when you see something pretty special 🙂

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  2. The gorgeous photo and soothing video bring home the wise message of your lovely poem, Kate! We can’t avoid all of the things in life that we find upsetting, so we need to know how to deal with them. Thank you for the reminders! ❤

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