a long walk or cycle
a picnic in the park
contemplation by the water
listening to the birds
watching the clouds skim by
joyful earthing in my garden

nature unravels the knots
and soothes my soul

utube here I come!


ok folks here is my first attempt at video recording on my new youtube channel … enjoy!


  1. I like the angle Kate, but I could hear you talking but I couldn’t make out what you were saying. We’re you reciting your poetry perhaps?

    I think reciting a poem might be nice

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  2. Beautiful! I tried to watch it on my phone but it doesn’t play – only on the computer… The ocean is beautiful and although I could hear the music there was no other sound – no waves and not your voice.

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    • thanks Val really appreciate your persistence and your subscription! No too many were whining that the wind and waves were so loud you can barely hear my voice. So I put musac over my audio, the seagull video still has the original sound track 🙂

      My camera work can be improved but really need to learn how to work the audio, hadn’t realised I had such picky mates 🙂


  3. That’s fantastic. The waves and the music are wonderful duo.

    I also liked the other video of seagull and strong waves.

    You are creative Kate. It’s all about our joy. Stay happy.

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  4. Well well Kate, I utterly love your video… fabulous.

    And of course your poem too.

    I will be joining your YouTube from my youtube.

    Hearty congratulations starting something new. And you say you don’t learn things.

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  5. Kate, your verses take me to a special place. Nature remains one of my best places to invigorate my inner fabric. Your video adds to the impact of the verses. I’ve only been with a couple of visits to the ocean.

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