Emboldened by others forthright frankness I will endeavour to verbalise some of my experiences.

As war escalates, inflation rises, people are in dire need of a liveable income, secure housing, safety and loads of kind care in general. I find that my decades of efforts at mind training do help me personally. But with a lifetime of not sharing much of my inner world opening up feels alien.

Meditation or contemplation by no means make me immune to or disengaged from such worldly concerns. With steadfast morals and priorities I volunteer and offer what I am able without feeling overwhelmed or irrelevant. It empowers me to engage on a more realistic practical level not rendering me paralysed with fear or doubts. In order to destroy my ego I avoid kudos, don’t talk much about the reality I see or things I know …

Focusing on the helpful reduces the harmful so I focus on prayer, better expressed as strong wishes, for world peace, equanimity, safety, a healthy environment and so on. But most especially an end to violence at all levels. This is my sincere passion as evil can only happen if good folk stay silent!

Violence is much more than war or beatings. It’s harsh words, putdowns, the ignorance of ignoring others, it’s complicity of not standing up when things are wrong, even subtly. Stopping violence is about calling out harmful behaviours, belligerent attitudes, careless words, all the ‘isms! It’s helped me become more confident to speak kindly rather than righteously as none of us like that.

From my childhood abuse I learnt that seldom do things ever feel fair, that I am different and as my self acceptance/love flourishes I’m more able to share that with others. Deep contentment comes when I cherish others so I care for and support them to the best of my ability. Calling out hypocrisy, observing actions rather than being swayed by smooth talk. Of thinking things through for myself to draw my own conclusions rather than swallow others misleading slant on situations.

Emotional maturity grows along with my sense of worthiness. By focusing on others I’m less fragile about how they treat me. For we are all immature finding our own way and the inner journey is really the only way to get there. Material trappings are complex diversions not worth indulging for they distract us from our real purpose in life.

There are many paths/ways as our inclinations and propensities are quite different. None are right or wrong, just different. In fact this broad diversity excites me as it paints my world with vivid colour. We are blessed with the ability to explore as we wish but again don’t get too distracted because the sooner you find your own path the sooner you can experience results. An experienced guide ensures the process is safer and swifter.

As others have already pointed out lock down gave us all more time for introspection, made us sort our priorities, taught us to focus on what is of most value. Health is more important than wealth. Spiritual, mental and emotional well being are so precious and yet often we’ve often neglected these aspects as our society emphasises the physical. So I have a simple but balanced diet, I exercise most days, can’t live without my daily meditation, enjoy my life, my view but know that I am forever entwined within this vast tapestry of life. That I am responsible for all that I think do and say; that karma is a natural law; whatever I put out will surely come back. And if there is a pause that result, helpful or harmful, will multiply rapidly.

That the more I give the more comes back to me. That those committing acts of violence only do so from their own insecurity and ignorance as they are unable to be still and listen to that infinite well of wisdom and unconditional love that just itches to be released. Yes, it’s in all of us although some have buried it under thicker layers of grim if morality and others have been ignored, thus rendering that wisdom and love less accessible.

I delayed starting my spiritual journey for ages realising it would be arduous but believe me, it’s so worthwhile as there is no quick fix pill, no magic manual or instantaneous enlightenment. It all comes from sheer persistent work on myself and I’m a constant work in progress.

Your questions and comments will guide me to either disclose more or pull my head in


  1. “I’m a constant work in progress.” – YES. I feel like I’ll never be a completed work, I’ll always be learning and changing. Very well-written post, thanks for sharing it.

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  2. We are all a ‘work in progress’. Kindness to ‘self’ is so very important. One day at a time. Life is a journey. It does not have to be a marathon; it can be little steps, important steps. All the steps matter, every single one. That is the important thing to remember…all the steps count.

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  3. Our spiritual journey takes us many routes and down many paths of experience, not all of them are happy paths… For we are often tested and many awaken to themselves only after reaching inwards to their own deep depths of despair..

    We each are given strength via our various backgrounds, and those strengths given through trials and tribulation are often the very tools we need in order to reach out to help others help themselves…

    We are all of us at War, and not always do we realise it.. We are often at war with ourselves, as we fight facing those deeper wounds…

    You are so right in that the last three years and the lockdowns especially were a chance for each of us if willing to go inward and really discover what was important in our lives… Instead many chose to stay in fear not only of the other world, but their inner world..

    Life is showing us, just who we are… and it takes patience, and for us to be kind to ourselves as we peel back those hidden shadows…

    Shadows which the world at large will sooner or later expose, for as we each allow our Lights to surface… There is no where for the shadows to go, except to be exposed for what they are….
    Its a painful process, both personally and collectively… And we are witnessing now some of that Pain beginning to surface…

    You are one lovely beautiful soul Kate… and Kudos for sharing your thoughts here my friend..
    Bless you, .. And yes it is arduous, but well worth the effort..
    We are all indeed Works in Progress… ❤ ❤ ❤

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  4. Superbly insightful and inspiring words Kate. Indeed we are all “a work in progress”, and may your wonderful journey of self-discovery continues to bring you contentment and happiness … We are all heroes in our own way …

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  5. Thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts Kate. Our past makes our present and then we shape our future from it. Sharing kindness and wisdom is a wonderful way to spread awareness my friend. Spread kindness by actions and words. Both can and are useful for others around you. Words can be spread all over the world by writing.

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  6. This is powerful, this is truth, this is inspiring. Thank you for sharing with us!
    We live, experience, learn, relearn, adapt, grow. One day at a time. It’s comforting to know we don’t have to “have it all together” in a specific time frame. 🙂 Even amidst all the world-struggles, and personal struggles, to find peace and joy from with in, to feel content and satisfied is a wonderful gift. I feel so much of the bestest-good we can experience in life comes from listening, giving, respecting, understanding, loving, and helping. 🙂

    PS…your photo is so beautiful and brings such peace. Nature gives so much to us if we will just slow down and appreciate it. 🙂

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  7. Our experiences and how we respond to situations make us who we are. Writing and sharing helps us to see it from others’ perspective and gain insights. And the more you share, sis, the more you will help others, believe me!

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      • How writing about personal struggles helps others, is very difficult to say. I doubt anyone will tell you that you saved their life. But it does make the reader more aware of what they may not have experienced and for those who have, a feeling of not being the only one facing that trauma.

        Of course you set the boundaries as far as sharing goes but there is no doubt moving on is the best option, sis. 🙂

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  8. I think life is a journey and we are all works in progress trying to find our place in the scheme of things. Hopefully more of it will make sense the further we venture. I think you’re on the right track.

    Sometimes it helps to know that we’re not alone in our struggles, that others understand.

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  9. The starting reminded me of my favorite Dan Brown quote, “The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.” You have laid down some serious thoughts here, Kate. I feel blessed that I didn’t have to go through any childhood trauma and that I always had my family to console and care for me.

    I’ve been dealing with a little PTSD as you know, I disclosed all that to my parents and well, they were afraid at first but then they suggested Pranayam meditation and some homemade remedies for stress and since then I’ve been feeling better. It could just be placebo effect but hey, as long as it works it works, right? I totally agree with the bit about self-exploration and acceptance and persistence will lead to enlightenment.

    Blogs like this one are appreciated very much! Thanks :))

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    • really appreciate your very kind words Jay!

      I worked professionally with PTSD for years and meds/drugs can only relieve a few of the symptoms often creating more side-effects 😦 Best is to get good therapy/analysis sooner the better as it can cure 🙂

      But like all things knowing your triggers and learning healthier coping mechanisms makes it much easier to live with 🙂

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  10. Kate, we are all on journeys of discovery. Some have to traverse deep dark caverns and other simply skip through meadows. No matter the venue it is always for the personal growth… I’m lucky to have lived a charmed life but I’m also well aware that at any moment the tide could turn and I’d be lost at sea. Your daily practices are valid and helpful for a wide swath of people. Thanks for sharing! ❤

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  11. Thank you for sharing Kate. We are all a work in progress, and hearing/reading other people’s experiences (like this one) helps us deal with our own struggles as well.

    “Violence is much more than war or beatings”- i love mostly your thoughts on violence.

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  12. Well said, Kate! I believe we are all a work in progress, but some of us recognize that and others don’t. We have to work at undoing the damage that the past has done to us, and yes, it’s work. But so worth it!

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  13. Never ever pull your head in Kate. I love that you expressed your life, your values and the way you approach the journey. I feel like such a latecomer to meditation and mindfulness yet somehow feel it was deep inside me all along. Here’s to learning, loving and living each day as authentically as we can. Sending love to you my friend 🙏💜

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  14. Kate, your discussion shares what many of us feel. Being retired for nearly five years, the teacher in me never seems to leave. There remain avenues for my journey to share, teach, and serve.

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