beach bop

the constant thrum of cicadas on one side
compete with the crash and swell
of ocean waves on the other
as I stride up firm wet sand at low tide

dodging the ocean debris disgorged
by the most recent storms
I note that the sea gives and takes
an echo of my life …

a year ago our floods literally
carved out tons of beach sand
dumped stolen livestock and goods
spewed from the bloated rivers

now it’s gradually returning that sand
the spewed stock dealt with although
many a dead tree still litter the beach
rocks are slowly being covered

the carved dunes not so steep
yet extreme weather like greed
will continue it’s damaging creep
for those still homeless I weep!

Brokenhead Beach, I walk Angel Beach

my father died on Feb 1st 30 years ago
… here is a poem to him!



  1. A wonderful poem dedicated to your father, Kate! ❤

    Yesterday, an oak tree from the lot behind us fell on the electrical right of way. It had evidently developed a crack during the hurricane last fall and just now collapsed. We have hired someone to remove it.

    Nature is unpredictable and constantly changing. I am glad your beach is returning to normal and hope you don't have any more devastating floods! ❤

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  2. So many have suffered through floods and storms… We forget the Power of Mother Nature is stronger than any of us.. Yet we Humans are resilient, as we gather together to rebuild and start anew..
    The Beach photo looks so peaceful now… I pray for all those lost in the storms and those whose homes are no more.. ❤
    Sending LOVE dear Kate..

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      • Very close actually, I think it’s the ocean you see at the tip of Manhattan. But definitely the edges of Brooklyn and Queens are on the ocean. An hour or two by subway. It’s an urban coastline though. But you can drive to the wilder ocean on Long Island in a few hours, depending on traffic. Or the Jersey shore.

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  3. The ocean gives. She takes away
    Through winter, summer, come what may
    Her lips, a message in the sand
    Her fingers touching foreign lands
    She waves, and then she sheds her tears
    Her meaning falls upon deaf ears
    Her words of love, and of regret
    Of eons which she can’t forget
    Whilst we, so fragile, can’t transcend
    A life that must come to its end
    She, with the river, lake and sea
    Flows on to eternity

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  4. ‘Tis sad happenings. But you share with such heart-felt love. We must always remember Nature’s power…but it’s ability to be beautiful and peaceful, too. We must try to learn from it’s renewal and restoration.
    I, also, reread your poem in tribute to your Dad. ❤️❤️❤️
    (For whatever reason…???…my comment would show there.)

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  5. There are too many homeless, Kate. Too sad.
    Beautiful poem to your father. Like mine, he obviously never recovered fully after the war. I don’t know who could.

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  6. A touching tribute to your father and his legacy. Your poem captures the pain, strength, and love that he held within himself. It’s heartening to see the love that still lingers in your memories of him, and it’s a reminder that he will always be with you in spirit.

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  7. A lovely poem in memory of your father Kate.

    I live in a country where we have floods and storms almost every month, the struggle is real for everyone especially those at flood prone areas. In 2013 we experienced the record breaking typhoon Haiyan. It’s been years and yet, we still see families suffer its effects.

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    • yes somehow our modern world still doesn’t have the infrastructure in place to support those most impacted by natural disasters, let alone the man made ones!

      I am hoping that these quarantine centres built for covid could become shelters as ppl wait for their own rebuilds …

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  8. Nature does manage to heal itself, but the problem is, when the disasters just keep coming there’s no time to heal! I’m so sorry for all those people who lost their homes too….

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