Friendship is loyalty respect and support
if any of these are absent

get out quickly for danger lurks
it’s equality not being a doormat
it’s sharing and caring
love with no strings attached

true friendship is rare and more precious than gold

my paean to my precious WP friends


  1. Love this post ….. and I absolutely agree with you!! True friendship is rarer than gold and to be quite honest, I prefer the friendship over that of gold. It’s taken me a long time to find friends who accept me for who I am, and with that said, I AM the wealthiest woman alive!!! Thank you for this lovely post, Kate.

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  2. Beautiful poem and photo! The photograph resonates perfectly with the poem. I always think of friendship in a free-spirited kind of way. Like those flowers basking in the sunshine, we bloom best when we feel we can be ourselves.

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  3. 1. Friendship is loyalty.

    2. Friendship is support.

    3. Friendship is respect.

    4. Friendship is equality.

    5. True friendship is rare.

    6. My paean to my WP friends.

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  4. Good one Kate, a precious explanation of what true friendship is all about … I wrote this one many years ago

    A Friend

    do you have a friend
    who’s bound in a cocoon
    living on eggshells
    broken by sickly X-ray beams
    their life’s a virtual hell
    and for whom you want to scream
    unconditionally you’ve given your love
    now they’re tired waiting
    for help
    from above


    • yes, I’ve arranged a trip down south to inject some funds into yet another flood zone and catch up with friends and colleagues of 30-40 years! They are true gold and reflecting on our shared memories will be delightful 🙂


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