speak to yourself kindly every day
and watch your outer world change”
Vanessa’s (Instagram: @vanessacalafiore) life motto

Vanessa is a beautiful 32 year old woman born with no hands or feet.  Her condition causes great pain daily and she is a total inspiration for how she deals with her pain and challenges our biases about those with disabilities!  Please read her inspiring story on the ABC news, know that she is special.

my most recent creations, shopping bags made from an old nightie, the cat, and one of my favourite dresses, the floral.  The teal edging is from old curtains.
                                         Love saving fabrics from landfill to make lovely gifts!


  1. Living example of anything is possible if you have the will to do it. Thanks for sharing this, so inspirational.

    ps: Loving the creations, especially that black cat one, looks so professional!

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    • sorry Deb it’s made for a local friend who specially requested it 🙂 I had no intention of making shopping bags but that’s what she wanted 🙂


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