when life gets too serious
I get out a word game
tell a few corny jokes
watch a good comedy
try a sudoku or crossword
healthy distraction adjusts my focus

playfulness enables humour and creativity

another stunning sunrise


  1. Wonderful photo! Being playful is often overlooked – I love whimsy and we play daily at my house! (on a separate note: this post showed up in my email yesterday but didn’t arrive in my reader until late today. I’m not sure if that is a WP glitch or what…)

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  2. Me and Frankie went for a 7.30am walkie this morning, it’s going to 40’C this afternoon, and now we are relaxing near the air-con. I like doing Sudokus and the 9 letter jumble word puzzles

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    • impressive Jay, it works for me … wrote these ‘prompts’ during my last retreat 🙂 Decided I needed to remind myself of my core values and have made them into cards by pasting thse verses onto the back of my pics 🙂

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    • works for me Robert, what works for you?

      blimey Robert your blog is like fort knox … I can read it but I can’t comment or like, is it WP or not?


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