Knights of Today

We are called Knights of Today to keep it simple and anonymous. We are the elite one percenters with billions at our disposal so we meet in private lounges at golf clubs around the world or on one of our yachts, space craft [ufo’s] or submarines.

With our own jets, space craft, cruisers and subverted communications meetings are arranged every month to ensure that we stay abreast of setting the worlds political and economic trends. We control consumerism and production keeping the masses senseless as we track them through their devices. Nothing is left to speculation as we know their every move, their thought patterns, preferences and quirks. None would dare to step out of line or are even aware that we exist let alone question us.

No business, group or movement starts up without being closely monitored as it can all be done electronically through their own devices that even the best hackers can’t detect. We control every army and intelligence force only allowing leaks when it suits us. Then we lay blame on someone who might think they know about us.

The dark net has nothing on us as we have our own scrambled direct communication system with our head quarters set up on an uncharted Greek Island in a cave similar to Batman’s. Our meetings are stream-lined as we are solid in our goals to control and manipulate absolutely everything.

We dress in the garb of the bygone knights as it’s a great opportunity to flash our wealth. Chain armour made of gold coins and gear that would stretch your imagination … it’s a boys thing but we like our bling!

No family or staff allowed it’s the bakers dozen not mentioned on the Forbes list. People have never heard of us let alone Knights of Today as it’s frankly none of their business. Don’t be fooled we do know everything!

mindlovemisery challenge writing prompt secret organisation – posted 22/12/18


  1. Kate ,your descriptive Tale of those Knights of Today perfectly describe the Old Order which has thought to control the World and its New Order of things for their Future benefit, But What those Knights of Today had forgotten, is the Human Spirit! And the Resilience of Humanity …

    A wonderful Tale… May the Warriors of Light stand behind their banners of truth. For I feel this Tale of Old is in for some new chapters!.. And its up to each of us to begin writing them. ❤
    Well told Kate Much love Sue x ❤

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    • humble apologies sir bushboy, I beg mercy as we know all your towers are full … hence you introduced the current war and pandemic to more closely monitor and eliminate any threat to your tight group 😦

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  2. Reblogged this on Blog of Hammad Rais and commented:
    The arena may have changed but the game is very much the same.

    Players don’t wear shiny armors anymore but they suit up well.

    And the rules!

    They are just the same, there’s no denying in that.

    Calm Kate has written this great piece about Knights of today’s world, who don’t ride on horses or carry swords with them anymore. To seek their desires, they may have changed their tactics and many of us are turning into their prey, without even knowing it!

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