belonging is something we all yearn
it’s being heard believed and accepted
being included at every level
respect loyalty care and love
its connection and sharing
love and laughter with others

inclusion is essential, covid taught us that!

my wildflower pic

another poem about ‘belonging’


  1. You’re so right! And I think one of the worst things about Covid (besides the fatalities, of course) was how it made us afraid to be around each other. That goes against our emotional needs!

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  2. I remember the tenderness that manifested at the beginning of the pandemic when we all sought and created connection, now, it feels fractured out there…your words, Kate are a timely and lovely reminder.

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  3. Belonging and “tribes” are only as good as the tribes to which we belong. Followers of Trump, such as MAGA extremists, are but the latest manifestation of debased tribalism throughout human history. We must choose the right kind of “belonging.”

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  4. We have much to thank the C word for, all depending on our perspectives.. And I am very grateful it showed me which tribe I belonged… 😉
    A great poem Kate and that is a beautiful flower what ever it is.. ❤

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