My poems will soon be published in this anthology but  wont be blogged as my words don’t paint a pretty picture. I come from an abusive family. Caroline and Paul [Parallax] inspired me then Gabriela offered the vehicle but once I scratched the surface, her word count was nominal, the pus had to erupt.

I always knew I had been treated unfairly, very differently to my siblings but had avoided facing the reality until a retreat in 2005 gave me the space. That’s when my poetry exploded. It didn’t impinge on my ‘retreat’ sessions so this meant very little sleep as it vomited out.

Last year an extensive examination revealed old internal damage. Mothers’ physical abuse ceased once father witnessed it before my second birthday. The mental emotional and verbal abuse continued until the day she died a few years ago. I drew boundaries around her behaviour to survive as father could not contain her.

Many have suffered far worse than me … I share this as most who endured such childhoods end up institutionalised eg goal, psychiatric, drug addiction or sex work. I learnt healthier ways to cope but ardently avoided becoming a mother in case I transmitted this horrid disease. I worked in the child protection field for years’ as it was a passion.

I sincerely thank my family for they made me who I am today … more resilient. I share this to remind you not to judge others coz you really have no idea what they have endured. Such cruelty scars deeply and society has to own such violence before we can really protect children who should be ‘safe’ in their own homes!

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