I believe in myself
for I am more than enough
remain steadfast in my morals
trust my gut instincts
follow my dreams
and dare to be myself

self-belief radiates worthiness
so creativity can blossom!

hope you’re recovering from your seasonal celebrations


  1. Ahh … I was a wondrously wet and worthy tadpole catcher… the creek was only 100 yards away

    I was in element … muddy bare feet, grubby hands, and a jar full of tadpoles 😏

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  2. It took me also into my mature adult years to truly feel worthy of myself, as I come from your most recent post, in which I must congratulate you on your book.. I know the verbal abuse from a Mother … We are survivors who have more compassion and more love within us because our past made us who we are in the present..
    I now no longer blame, or hold open the wound of rejection, I forgave and hold gratitude in that I am stronger and I found worthiness in learning to love my self..

    Sending LOVE and well wishes Kate.. have a Successful and Very Happy New Year my friend

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    • not my book Sue, it’s an anthology where they will publish a couple of my poems 🙂

      Well said Sue … I often wonder if many escape abuse of one kind or another … amazingly blessed if they didn’t have such an experience!

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      • My misread Kate.. Congrats still on the publication..
        From my own experience in talking to many Kate, I don’t think many escape some sort of abuse.. I brought up my own children in a loving environment, But my Son still was bullied badly at school… So I agree those who escape it are very blessed… ❤

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  3. Proud and bold, utterly worthy. Beautiful post.

    Ps your hidden post. Firstly hugs. Secondly congratulations on a poem being published. Healing is a great and freeing journey. Hugs. No pity , just well done on shinning your sunshine to us all.

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  4. A wonderful wise reminder and start to this new year! YAY, 2023!!! 🙂
    Wishing you love, joy, peace, laughter, courage, adventures, more dreaming dreams and following them!!! 🙂 ❤️
    PS…The creeks, the trees, all of nature was our playground…to live to learn to grow! 🙂

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