expectations are unrealistic
seldom do others live up to mine
rarely do I fulfill theirs
causing pain and disappointment
unfulfilled faulty  fantasies
that cause real heartache

drop all expectations to know contentment!

another earlier poem about expectations
wishing you all the very best for 2023, good health and much creativity!
still in retreat but please feel free to leave your comment


  1. Ah, memories of the library’s highly-efficient card catalog. Amazing! Students actually had to learn how to find necessary information because it wasn’t at their fingertips. My, how expectations have changed.

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  2. I used to spend hours and hours searching through the old library filing cabinets, and in the end, I forgot what I was looking for, but I would find something else totally irrelevant …

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  3. Still in retreat – I love those three words and hope you’re enjoying the holiday season and yes, dropping expectations brings contentment and peace. I remember those card catalogue drawers, too and what a wonderful idea, to use them to store precious seeds!

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  4. You’re so right! So much bitterness and unhappiness comes from expectations that were not met. If we can just accept people for who they are, and situations for what they are, we are so much happier. Great post!

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