curiosity keeps me
engaged and enchanted
it’s fascinatingly bewitching
heightens my creativity
broadens my mind
banishes bias and blame

more curiosity might heal our world


  1. How lovely – curiousity does kill the cat (of blame and negativity). Curiousity the way to learn and grow, to be creative and inspired. Also I love the photo – a double rainbow – i had asked for a sign to see double rainbow – Thank you Kate. Wishing you a merry Christmas to you and your family – love bella

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  2. It is good to stay curious! If we don’t, we miss so many things in the world around us. I love the rainbow!!! Over New Year’s, I saw a beautiful rainbow…it only lasted for a few moments. As we were watching, it disappeared. So many little things in life can bring so much joy…we have to grab the moment and celebrate. Great poem!!!

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