curiosity keeps me
engaged and enchanted
it’s fascinatingly bewitching
heightens my creativity
broadens my mind
banishes bias and blame

more curiosity might heal our world


  1. It is good to stay curious! If we don’t, we miss so many things in the world around us. I love the rainbow!!! Over New Year’s, I saw a beautiful rainbow…it only lasted for a few moments. As we were watching, it disappeared. So many little things in life can bring so much joy…we have to grab the moment and celebrate. Great poem!!!

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  2. How lovely – curiousity does kill the cat (of blame and negativity). Curiousity the way to learn and grow, to be creative and inspired. Also I love the photo – a double rainbow – i had asked for a sign to see double rainbow – Thank you Kate. Wishing you a merry Christmas to you and your family – love bella

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