when things get tough
if I’m feeling rough
I know that my mind
is the most powerful weapon

it can sink me like a torpedo
or inflame my heart with mirth
breath relax straighten my spine
just be still and contemplate

imagine being enfolded in a large cape
it drapes like armour to aid escape
gossamer thin yet very hardy
endurable as the strongest spiders web


my pic from Hervey Bay Botanical Gardens

acting as the ultimate filter
sifting the grim stuff out
it bounces any gaslighting barbs
doubts fear or abuse

enhances care and love
aids respect and self-worth
this mentally portable cape
revitalises and nurtures

stops that spiral spin
so I that can surely win!


  1. Very good poem!!! A positive take on things certainly makes a difference. The more we focus on the good things that are happening in our lives, the less time we waste on the not so good stuff.

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