my view

these photos are taken from my front porch
over the past two years

Missingham Bridge from North Creek, Ballina
the sun will always arise heralding another day


my pic
my view

you can see North Creek’s changing moods and colours
I face north so these are sunrises
and under that bridge it meets the Richmond River
where river mouth meets the ocean
is also visible from my porch/lounge

my poem that best describes my physical setting



  1. Absolutely gorgeously gorgeous views and photos!
    Nature puts on such a beautiful, often dramatic, show! More Human-Beans should pay attention to it! 🙂 Love seeing the birdies flocking together! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) ❤️🌞❤️

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  2. Oh-my-gorgeousness!
    These views from your front porch are just mesmerizingly majestic, Kate.
    If I had such views on my sky everyday, I would be so late to start up my day.
    I’m adding this post in my next Weekend Sky episode 🙂

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