there are patterns in nature and
I create patterns with my habits
some healthy some not

patterns offer a sense security
familiar, known, comfortable
deviations can cause unease

patterns can heal and mend
offering me a peaceful trend
routine somewhat soothing

so I prefer to foster healthy
healing habits, ditching those
sultry harmful ones brings ease

warding off all kinds of dis ease
for synchronicity and balance
prevail when my values align

I know right from wrong
serenity my theme song
comfortingly embracing me

for I am more than enough
grown from sterner stuff
join me in growing calming patterns!

what are some of your ‘healing’ helpful patterns?


    • yea, so glad of that Val … it takes a lot of bravery and self-discipline to persist but in the long run the benefits are truly amazing, enjoy!


  1. Beautifully said Kate,
    Sometimes I find it good to break the routine too in patterns to which we get hooked to repeat.
    Love your muse Kate and loved the images.
    Sending love and hugs from England. 😍🥰😍💕

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  2. The serenity of your words often offers calming pattern, sis. When I sit down to write, all worries melt away. Cooking too, it is never a chore, I find it very meditative. And of course the morning ritual of having tea with hubby with newspaper and phones put away. 😊

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