My family taught me early
that it was impossible to please them
                   … nothing I could do or say
would be approved of so it gave me the


to be myself
to find my own way
do my own thing
with no need to conform

as for me it was not the norm
being released from that pressure
has bought endless pleasure
grew comfortable in my own skin

I observe others conforming
to so many pressures
struggling to think for themselves
so used to towing the party line

often insecure unhappy people
desperate to be part of the ‘in’ crowd
seems they lost their spine a long time
ago as they have few original opinions

only those they are fed
so this plays with their head
their soul sold for no real reason
pray they will break out


by finding their voice
by making their own choice
by daring to be free
of our compliant society

take a break from social media
all that ‘bad and sad’ news
self-indulge harmonising with nature
reconnect face to face

as meaningful human connection
heals and makes us happy

as we embrace kindness and care

it warms our hearts

so we can share

sincerely touching those around us

what opportunities did your family open for you?


  1. My father was the kindest man I know. He would always listen to me, discuss my problems with me and encourage me. We had strict rules and boundaries about social behavior as per our religion, but since everyone conformed to them ( except my older brother, who was a rebel) I had no issues with them.

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    • he sounds like a very special man indeed Sadje, sadly too rare! Was your older brother spoilt by your mother? Just wondering about the radical difference … mind you there is a rebel in every family 🙂

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  2. Freedom – such a small word and yet it encompasses so many things. I’m thankful that my family did not restrict me or try to limit me within boundaries. Sadly, there are many who wage a daily battle for freedom. Beautifully written, Kate ❤️

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      • Yes Kate and my daughter wanted us to come back also from Pune. Now since we have four floors to climb in my building my husband is having problems to climb so thinking of getting a house on rent in Mumbai and then we all will shift and my son can stay in my old house. At times i feel that after retirement i would enjoy my life but God has other plans for me. This is life and my husband and me we both like to travel but seeing circumstances in our house we can’t. My children too r working so they too cannot be of help

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        • ouch that is tough Kamal, but your loving faith will see you through … you are strong enough for these challenges and eventually things will change … take care precious!


  3. So well expressed and so powerfully important! I can relate 100%!
    Those flowers…each unique, different, individual, free to be themselves…and yet all beautiful and precious. Like Human-Beans. 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  4. One hundred and seventy-nine words – 936 characters…………a poem many should read.

    So many great images …..”their soul sold for no real reason”………”Commit TREASON”………”by daring to be free of our compliant society”…….well done Kate!!!!!

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  5. Oh, Kate, this poem is singing my song! Seems so familiar. I spent many years growing up playing roles that did not fit me…the pressures of being a “preacher’s kid” in a small town!

    Thank you for this lovely poem, Kate. ❤ Very liberating to remember finding my own way!

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  6. Beautiful flowers! I always think that a flower garden should be full of all different kinds of blooms. There are so many to choose from! It is the same with people. Our souls blossom when we can be our true selves. It would be so boring if everyone was exactly the same. It is the fact that we are not all identical that makes life so wonderful.

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  7. I’m not too surprised by this post, even though I love it. I think those of us who didn’t feel really accepted by our families had to struggle to find our own identities. And although it hurt at the time (at least it did for me), in the long run it was a GIFT! Because we were forced to figure out who we really where and what we really believed. And that’s a very good thing indeed.

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  8. Kate!!! I LOVE this! Sounds like I was gifted the same opportunities. I LOVE Your perspective though, and how You found freedom and confidence in the gift. I still have huge bouts of thinking there is something terribly wrong with me, even though I completely cognitively understand the conditioning and have deep empathy/compassion for why it was passed along. This just gifted a HUGE smile and serves as a joyful reminder that everything is actually a sacred gift on levels we may not even consider. THANK YOU!!! Cheers and Rock On!!! 🤗💖😊

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    • glad to hear it resonated Katy … I had to work very hard on the self-pity and anger but once I turned the corner and spotted those amazing benefits I can feel nothing but joy for this most precious gift! It was tough getting there but it’s important to know that it’s possible 🙂

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      • OH yeah!!! Have worked very hard on the same for many years and have made wonderful growth and progress. Kind of can’t help but be myself…🤣…but that little voice just seems to hang out and there are periods when unfortunately I’ll still listen to it. Michael Sandler has the funniest tool I’ve ever heard of for times the inner critic is being overbearing. He says he imagines he’s in a large convertible from the 50’s and he makes the voice sit way back in the back seat. He says he tosses it some snacks and tells it to hush for now; he’s busy, but he’s aware it’s just trying to help and promises to give it 5 minutes later to rant its brains out; which he does. 🤣 That actually works! Probably because it does make it seem kindof sweet and silly in its own way. It’s brilliant that You’ve hit a consistent spot and live there!!! Love that! I think everyone has a bit of that voice to varying degrees. Rock on!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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