I love this cosmopolitan country

where I can hear so many accents
Kiwi, Indian, European, Aussie or Auslan

where I can visit
cave art, a temple, church, synagogue or mosque

where I can indulge food and culture
from our traditional landowners, Thailand,
India, Africa or Turkey

we have
sheep, spiders, sharks and snakes,
cattle, kelpies, kangaroos and koalas

my plant taken with my new camera

come and see
Uluru, K’rai, opera house and Taronga zoo

where our vibrant red desert
is girthed by coastal gems
and the kilometres are endless

the country that lauds equality and ‘a fair go’
where white men arrogantly rule
heedless of duty of care or consent

this vivid kaleidoscope of ethnicity
provides such a wealth of diversity
steeped in culture interwoven
right here in this wondrous tapestry
that I call home …

what features of your homeland really appeal?


      • I don’t know why I was saying it – but here in the UK most the grandmother’s I meet say hello. And I love that they do. When I first started driving I once blocked an entire car park taking what felt like 10 minutes to reverse and when I was finally out this grandmother who had been waiting in her car behind told me well done…

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  1. Gorgeous, SweetKate! Your photo and your words! 🙂 Your descriptive word-pics and the emotions in your writing are vivid and strong! 🙂 YAY for your beautiful precious homeland! 🙂
    There are MANY features of my homeland that are appealing…way too many to list here…I’ll just name a few…1. The beautiful high-elevation clear night skies…it’s like I can reach up and touch the moon and stars…they seem so close! 🙂 2. That the majority of the people are kind, respectful, and willing and eager to help each other! 🙂 3. Being able to walk at night…being safe…able to commune with nature, breath in fresh air, and just be one with it all! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂 ❤️🌏🌎❤️

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  2. The photo is stunning! I love that you sing the praises of your country. America is so vast and there is such diversity of geology and topography! Although there are places that lack cultural diversity, on the whole we are a melting pot!

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  3. Great poem and photo! I love many things about the United States, but its diversity is one of the biggest, I think. The people, the cultures, and the land are a huge and interesting variety!

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  4. A land of versatility and diversity… And a wonderful place to call Home.. Great muse and poem..

    The woodlands,, especially in May full of bluebells where I live, and the green rolling valleys and meandering rivers.. and of course the RAIN… which I missed in this Summer’s drought and heat here in England.. ❤
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and words, within your woven tapestry.. ❤

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  5. Your poem, Kate, perfectly describes the fertile diversity of your country. What wealth!
    Regarding the red flower, I have the impression of seeing a quantity of (red) stamens. On the other hand, there are no petals.
    This flower could be the symbol of your country, Kate
    Love ❤
    ps : a big thanks for your kind comments

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    • no they open as stamens with no petals … I thought it was native to Australia but Hammad has photographed a similar flower in Pakistan. So it’s more widespread that I thought 🙂


  6. Too many things to name but I love the fact that we’re a “melting pot”, that I have freedom of speech, religion, etc, the varying degrees of beauty and sights, and for the most part (in my experience) people are kind.

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    • Most welcome dear Kate. India too has lovely and scenic beauty. When my children were small we have been to see many places in India and lots of architecture Marvel’s, then flower gardens, and lots more. So many varieties of people you get to meet, villages are lovely to see. This is India

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    • perfect timing Carol Anne, I’ve just finished watching the 1998 series of Falling for a Dancer, set in York 🙂 The series highlighted the small village noseyness, something echoed in all small communities. But when hardship happens they help each other in every possible way 🙂

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  7. I loved the Australiana of your poem Kate, so I thought this lovely Sydney Opera House version of Nick Cave’s wonderful song, “The Ship Song” would be appropriate

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  8. Kate, I can feel the richness of the many treasures you experience. When I visit my native state of Montana, I view a land of contrast between rugged mountains, flowing rivers, and a prairie filled with life.

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