empty space

my pic

a BBC prompt

all devices off
sit comfortably
with a straight spine

pause life’s busyness
close down the mental chatter
focus on breath stills all within

emptying my mind, ignoring external
enables stillness to fill
restoring calm and balance

connecting with that universal flow
gives rise to a void
the space to hear what’s within

maintains my mental health
eases my emotions
restores my spiritual well-being

I use meditation and my newfound technique
of long solitary drives on straight open roads

Some use music, gardening, cleaning, cycling …

how do you ‘create’ your empty space?


  1. Well said Kate! Each of us can benefit from life’s empty space. We need such moments to recharge and heal our bodies, minds, and spirit. For me, exercise offers me to a slice of empty space, whether walking in nature or pedaling in solitude on my indoor bike.

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  2. I was unwinding this weekend Kate… Nothing beats turning off and tuning into our inner selves… My own switch was clicking the knitting needles this weekend.. Too wet for the garden … Loved your muse my friend ❤

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  3. You have found the key to a healthy life style Kate. My plans change according to seasons but I like to enjoy my hobbies which further help my physical and mental health.

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    • yes, you and Sadje have that in common … maybe it’s part and parcel of a hectic family life where stolen moments of quiet calm are simply too difficult 🙂


  4. Great poem!!! There is nothing like the peace and quiet of the great outdoors. I like to work in the garden and in my yard. I love to see the shift in seasons, take walks with my dog, and just enjoy the quietude.

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  5. Now living 6 minutes from the ocean long walks on the ocean floor at low tide provide both the time and space to escape and restore/refill and connect both with myself and with something much bigger. Those times refill those mental, emotional, and spiritual buckets within us which get drained with life.

    Long driving in the countryside as well, is another go-to for finding that empty space in order to just be.

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  6. Beautiful photo of a beautiful peaceful place/space! 🙂 We all need those! 🙂
    I meditate on walks. The quiet night walks are my fave. Just time spent holding Cooper..so quiet, so still…when the 2 of us are home alone…knowing he feels loved, safe, and happy makes me feel the same. 🙂 Playing soft music takes me away from everything and everyone else.
    These I listed are just a few…times of quiet, peace, the ability to just be…to just breathe. 🙂
    (((HUGS))) ❤️

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  7. Morning tea on the front porch listening to the birds singing is a pleasant quiet time. ❤ Floating in the water at the beach is nice, but we have had toxic water since the hurricane… flesh-eating bacteria, and red tide. Nature will eventually recover, and I look forward to that! Glad you are enjoying your car, Kate! ❤

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  8. You have a wonderful way of discovering inner peace Kate … Music has been my avenue to ‘serenity’ , but since I’ve had Frankie (15 months now), our walkies have been a great source of peace and tranqility for me …

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  9. Wow Kate, Your poem is a meditation commentary. Loved it.

    We had some work done outside during the summer. That required paving slabs. Which required a few long drives to music. Long drives work some magic coupled with music, or a podcast or audio book -quite a powerful and liberating experience.

    I think 2 years of covid lock down has impacted in many unseen ways. 🤔

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  10. Traveling long distances knowing how to stop from time to time to immerse yourself in nature is certainly a good choice to escape the constraints and anxieties of life, Kate.
    Love ❤

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