Dear Earthlings,

residing together for millennia now
you brag about my bounteous beauty
optimise your outdoor pursuits
sometimes in harmony more often not

Catrin Stein art

industry squanders my resources in their greed
while too many paupers are in desperate need
governments stoop low to fill their own pockets
consumerism fosters wanton waste

finding balance is usually left to others
yet each of you can make a real difference
by doing your utmost to recycle and lessen
pollution, use my resources more wisely

for they are limited

so please ease my strife

it will enhance your life

yours sincerely


please share any ways you’ve found to repair the damage?


  1. Love this epistle poem! We have been planting wild flowers (native to Indiana) in our cul de sac and along the walking path behind the house. I’m hoping this spring will see them flourish and that the flowers will feed the bees and the seeds will be a source for the birds over the winter. A more pragmatic effort involves reducing, reusing, and recycling waste. I’ve taken to using cloth bags at the grocery and avoiding over packaged items, I have been reusing all the plastic containers (when I can’t avoid purchasing) for a multitude of purposes – my crafts supplies are very organized now! And I’m recycling as much as possible! It still isn’t enough but soon I’ll have my composter deployed so that should eliminate most of the food waste. (My sister is cultivating red worms and is going to give me a start – I just need to figure out how to fly home with them!)

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    • well done Val, impressive! I like the idea of flowering pathways! I threw a few seeds about out the front on the river bank but nothing seems to have taken yet.

      Once they banned plastic bags here our supermarkets stooped to massive plastic packaging of most fresh products, taken it to a whole new level and they can’t be reasoned with!


  2. This is powerful as always and the art work fits your poem fabulous.

    So what am I doing.

    Well I do my best to recycle, only buy what I need. Use water wisely, sparingly. I like to garden so I guess the few flowers I plant help.

    And meditation sends good vibes to mother earth .

    Hope you are well Kate. Love bella

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  3. Important-message poem! 🙂 Perfect photo companion! 🙂
    We do some things…and have for decades…recycling, careful with what what products we buy, conserve water, use long-lasting light bulbs, conserve electricity, plant trees, use less gasoline, conserve water (which we learned to do well when we lived in an area that had horrible drought for 7+ years), etc.
    💚 🌏🛍️🗑️💧🌳💚

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  4. Excellent poem!!! All the choices we make, each and every day, add up. We must choose that wherever we go and whatever we do, we leave that place no worse for our having been there, and perhaps, better, if we can manage it. It may seem that our contributions are small, but planting trees and gardens, not littering, caring for our own small areas as best we can, counts. When I hear the birds in the morning singing, I think that God is so very good. These winged creatures bring so much joy and beauty to humanity. Many are very small, and yet, they do so much. There is a lesson there for us. We too, should sing for joy with the gifts of the natural world. The more we celebrate this gift, the more we will want to protect it in whatever way we can. Poems like this remind us that we can, and should, do more.

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  5. This is so powerful Kate..we have been diligently segrating our wastes for a long time now kate…we also have not been using plastics at home and lately we’ve slowly eliminated paper towels and replaced it with washable ones.

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  6. I love this poem! Personally, I do what I can in small ways: recycling, not using plastic when I can avoid it, planting only things that can thrive in our climate without fertilizers, etc. I think the earth can heal itself if we can just stop damaging it!

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  7. Great reminder, Kate! We recycle, though I have heard that about 90% of recycled plastics still end up in landfills. We use cloth grocery bags and reuse glass jars and plastic grocery bags. We minimize the use of pesticides and toxic household chemicals, using safe simple things like hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and vinegar to clean. We do quite a few small things, hoping that together, they amount to something.

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  8. I agree with you Kate that we all need to commit to a pro-earth mission. My wife and I are active with recycling as many items as possible instead of just throwing everything in the trash.

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  9. Walking a little bit more. Driving car when absolutely necessary. Throwing trash at proper place. Turning off heavy electrical appliances at home at regular hours.
    These are some of the ways me and family follows.

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