birdlife +

galahs … better than most silo art I saw 

an interesting town with a quirky caravan cafe

the most impressive silo art I saw

this was found at a very remote off the road stop
for Val and all those other keen geocache ppl
… obviously our bushrangers live on!

This is the last of my travel photo series
… stay tuned next week to see where I take you


  1. Gorgeous! I love our birds. Those galahs are pretty cool. I thought there was something wrong with their colouring, until I realised they were paintings. LOL. That silo art is impressive too.

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  2. Wonders in the nature and aslo mural art, .
    This geocache will inspire strongly Val !! 🙂
    On the sign I quit with you Nularbor with some regret and when I see Sidney 1250 we realize Australia is a very large continent, Kate.
    Love ❤

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