wildflower III

Australian Wildflowers from the Outback

Only one more to go, saved the best for last
… the variations of colour and design are entrancing!

wildflowers gift colourful wonder to our world
the vast solitude filled me with awe
roos hopping through saltbush
outbursts of vivid colour
my first sighting of an awesome wind farm
the treasures in Peterborough, Ravensthorpe and Echuca
nature scarred by industry in the ports
 of Port Augusta, Ceduna and Esperance

11,000 kilometres in my hybrid
replaced the battery, managed to avoid
a few kangas keen to kiss my car
accommodation varied the full spectrum
as did the cheeky characters met
long river walks, ambled a few cliff ridges
impressed by the spectacular Bite cliffs
and the cave air holes a howling

a visit long overdue now done
I’ve driven across the Nullarbor
and back …
birds brightened each day
the huge glorious kites in that desert
feasting sumptuously on fresh road kill – goat, camel, roo
the warmth of the staff and chef
at Border Village – SA/WA – saw me well fed too

met fellow bloggers Paul and Deb
caught up with dear Adelaide friends
Nyngan riverside camp built with TLC
feasted on fab fabrics in Narrandera
a place with plentiful platypus and koalas
climbed rock mountains in Merredin and Norseman
met a ‘local’ at the Moree hot mineral pools
navigated flood waters was treacherous fun

so many memories and photos
only one left on my bucket list
a long train journey in oz
done so many in Europe and
across much of north India
but only done local commuter trips here
would love to do a long luxury one
no hassle if it doesn’t happen

a girl needs to dream …

The Tassel flower that provides a succulent snack!

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  1. What beautiful travels and beautiful photos, SweetKate! These wildflowers are so vibrant and each plant so unique! 🙂 Keep dreaming, girl! And keep making those dreams come true whenever possible! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) ❤️

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