Driving to conditions … drove a few hundred kilometres today through a heavy downpour. On badly flooded roads, checking each town if the Newell Highway was still open. All dirt roads had been shut with the flood warning for inland regions being taken very seriously.

Driving to conditions means slowing down for the deluge, swerving to avoid huge potholes or large roadkill – mostly kangaroos out here. The speed limit may be 110 but conditions made it impossible to drive that fast. So to stay alive, to stay safe I drove to the conditions. Sometimes that was about 100 km but often much slower than that; a steady 8km through the flooded areas; a safe long distance between vehicles as we were all confronted by similar challenges.

Is this not how we should live our lives?

Living to conditions … stretching the boundaries when it’s safe to or limiting ourselves when circumstances eg health, finances, dictate.

Some choose to sit safely in their lounge watching TV, extremely bored but very safe. Others are real risk takers pushing all the boundaries, living on the edge. For me driving and living to conditions suits, keeping me safe while still exploring within my means!

Living to Conditions is a useful Bridge for Life

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