where am I?

Australians may have an advantage but it might be fun for everyone to try and guess
… look at your maps, use your search engines.


I am on my return trip and driven right across two states to get to this third one.
Tomorrow I return to my home state.

And no, I am nowhere near USA, although they do have paddle steamers and stagecoaches too!

NB I’m still on the road, have 1,500km to get home!

the old with the new


      • I became a Yoga Instructor in March 2022. I have been attending to people who have specific health issues and also people who want to live a healthy life. I have been instructing since January 2019 but after the certification things have been very different.

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  1. I’m lost and wandering in the wilds of Australia! I attempted the google maps but ended up in Kotupna – and then in Shepparton… I think I’ll hang out in the Victoria Lake Park and grab some Geocaches….

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