a few visual delights from my first week … am so loving the driving and the solitude! Am passing through vastly different scenery and meeting some delightful people.

Whilst crossing the Nullarbor Plains/desert I’ve had NO wifi or phone connections and they will be intermittent … so please feel free to chat amongst yourself as I wont be joining in your conversation, reading or commenting.  Appreciate your understanding on this

historical cottage in Ravensthorpe, where I am tonight
the Esperance jetty where I lunched today
wattle like shrub
the cliffs of the Great Australian Bight … my photo gives no context of how vast they are!

a tern on the Ceduna Jetty
the big Kangaroo on the SA/WA border – with the golf course just behind it!
Canola fields, where my cooking oil comes from


  1. How wonderful to see your gorgeous photos Kate and so happy to hear you’re enjoying the travels. Soak it all up my friend. We did that entire golf course, including the tee at the Giant kangaroo! Such fun.

    Travel safe, stay well and keep enjoying. It’s a beautiful country. Much love from me. 💗

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  2. I just finished reading Miriam’s lovely post and thought I’d pop over to catch up with your travels! It looks like you’re having a fabulous time, Kate…your photos make me yearn for a road trip of my own…

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  3. Thanks , Kate, to teach us about Australia in a large “desert ” area . I googled often to know more so for Nullarbor Plains ( without tree in latin ) and ravenherpe ! I admired with you the flowers . I was ecstatic but worrying to not know hthem . Australia is another world for me . Thanks again to share with us your pleasure to go alone through such wonders .
    Love ❤

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