Leah Purcell


Is one super talented lady … an indigenous talented musician, playwright, actress, director, comedian, weaver and mom! A woman who overcame many obstacles to shine her creativity for all to see; an avid reader and lover of nature I feel we have much in common.


Leah came to my attention more recently after directing and acting in the movie she wrote “The Drover’s Wife” … then I realised I had seen and heard her before. She is multi-talented and keen to take on challenges; after escaping DV Leah is now with a loving and very involved partner.

The ultimate example of turning adversity into creativity, we can all take a leaf out of her book!


NB Follow the links and you won’t be disappointed, the first is a 25 minute summary of her life, the second a 3 minute trailer of her film.


  1. I comment here your latest entry, Kate ,. Your comment box is not open . I like your description of choices of life . You chose freedom and confidence in reason and always near the nature.
    Love ❤

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  2. What an extraordinary woman, so strong, talented and determined. “I never say no”. Leah’s certainly an inspiration. Thanks for sharing her story Kate, I really enjoyed watching the documentary. And the film sounds fabulous!

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  3. Thanks for the links! I am always impressed by talented people who figured out a way past some very big obstacles. It’s an example for us all, whether talented or not. And also makes us more empathetic for those who struggle.

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  4. Kate, thank you for introducing me to Leah Purcell. Just watched the first youtube. Will be trying to find, “The Drovers Wife: The Legend of Molly Johnson.” I’ve seen an episode or two of Wentworth but not beyond. Now I want to give it another chance.

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  5. Just watched the film clip Kate..
    And agree, we need more leaves out of her book to stand up for truth and for love in protecting those we care for..
    Many thanks for sharing her inspirational story. Remarkable. ❤

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