Archie Roach

a Talented Music and Songwriter

Archie died recently at the age of 66 … he had a tough life but learnt and wrote about every facet of it! His song with such powerful words and emotions will long outlive him.

One of the ‘stolen generation’ – when churches and government forcibly removed children from their families – raised by others. He was a heavy smoker who lived on the streets, met his soul mate and made music together. A much respected

“Archie started performing in 1988, releasing 9 studio albums, 2 live albums and the soundtrack for The Tracker (2002).

He was named as 2020 Victorian Australian of the Year, adding to his many accolades, including 5 ARIA Awards and a Human Rights Medal in 1990 for ‘Took The Children Away’.

Took the Children Away, one of his best known songs

“Told us what to do and say
Told us all the white man’s ways
Then they split us up again
And gave us gifts to ease the pain
Sent us off to foster homes
As we grew up we felt alone
Cause we were acting white
Yet feeling black”

RIP you are a true ‘survivor’ with such amazing talent, glad you’ve joined Ruby!


  1. Kate, I had no idea that this kidnapping of Aborigine children and indoctrinating them in white man ways took place in Australia. I thought it was just USA and Canada that did it 😦 May his spirit be at peace ❤

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  2. It is only a few bright stars fall to earth. He shared his starlight with the world and I’m sure he is missed. I spent the better pare of this last hour listening to his recordings. I’m richer for doing so and yet I wonder how much more it would have impacted me if I had heard him in concert…

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    • see Ivor’s post for that, he went to hear him live on his last tour … I knew about it and we all knew it was probably his last but I’m not a fan of big concert crowds 😦


  3. This makes me think we don’ t hear much about the Australian natives, Kate . is it possible to meet the from time to time ? What is their way of live ? Modern? Traditional ?
    Love 3<

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    • a mix of everything Michel, 99% were ‘stolen’ from their families. Their culture and language was banned but now they are reclaiming all of that.

      They have a very close relationship with the Germans who greatly appreciate their unique artwork. So if you were able to travel you could see their art and meet some right next door 🙂

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  4. I’m so sorry to hear about Mr. Roach’s death. 😦
    He gave so much to the world.
    I know he will be missed.
    Thank you for writing and sharing this beautiful tribute.
    (((HUGS))) ❤️
    PS…I’ve listened to his songs on YouTube over the past few years. I, also, found a musical tribute video after he died.
    PPS…your video here didn’t work.

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  5. His is an amazing story. I recently listened to him read his memoir ‘Tell Me Why’. I loved it. He suffered so much but his book was one of love and hope.

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  6. Thanks Kate for sharing details about Archie Roach. His lyrics in “Took the Children Away” will stand as a testament to the failure of attempting to assimilate native people. It failed in Australia as well as in North America.

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    • it will always fail Richard … an ancient culture living in complete harmony with nature is the antithesis of our greedy competitive one!

      Know which one I’d prefer to be part of 😉


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