Wounds I Healed: A #1 Bestseller!

I really urge you to watch this moving and exciting introduction by the actual authors! calmkate

I am excited beyond words to announce that Wounds I Healed: The Poetry of Strong Women is now the No.1 Bestselling New Release in Poetry Anthologies in both Paperback and Kindle formats: Chart-topping success!Thank you to everyone who has helped create a buzz around the launch of the anthology, and to all who have bought…

Wounds I Healed: A #1 Amazon Bestseller! — Experiments in Fiction


  1. How cool you posted this Kate! Love it!!! 💖💖💖

    Such a fun memory of our launch and awesome to connect with everyone..and hear their poems again. Thanks for doing this Kate. Not sure why it says I;m not following you but I followed again. 💖💖

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    • lol if I didn’t have the tech skills to attend the zoom launch you can guarantee I would have no clue how to join in Karima’s creations! In fact that was the very first time I’ve seen such a production, I was blown away 🙂


  2. Very moving poems! It really is a different experience to hear a poem being read than when you read it to yourself silently. I will have to come back and listen to more later! Powerful poems! This presentation is so nicely done…there is such a feeling that everyone can contribute in whatever manner they feel comfortable. It is very welcoming and supportive. Especially when poems are so very heartfelt, it is nice to have an open forum where people may, or may not, want to read on a given occasion.

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    • Very much! 🙂
      One of my kids always went to poetry readings at venues, etc., and even performance type poetry…she even planned a few of the events and performed in a few. She always sent me pics and vids from them. 🙂 They haven’t been doing them much the past 2 Covid years. 😦

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