extreme weather with wild winds
and torrential downpours
politicians squabbling like corvids
wars violence and disharmony

impels me to plonk down
pick my nose with a frown
ponder my navel flint
try discordance for a stint

jazz and meditation lift my soul
harshness is balanced by mercy
kind care will win through
crying is a good outlet

but healthier to have a good poo
swipe the sniffles
see reality for what it is
the produce of chaotic minds

so let mind and body unwind
don’t be blind to the kindness
that abounds

know that we need both
to appreciate the other
choose how you live
then harmony you can give

d’Verse, Dissonance, Bjorn

my pic – discordant colours and texture, blend to beauty!

Plus a recent walk!

Morning tea at South Ballina with the curlews who were running far too fast to photograph. Eight cheerful members, three regular walkers and a contingent of tennis players, nice to see some new faces.

So we set off chattering up the track with waterlogged bottlebrush and other dune growth. Along the beach we sighted oystercatchers and others on this sunny day, a leisurely flat walk to suit all capabilities. Then along the South Wall we sheltered amongst the boulders to enjoy our picnic lunches, out of the wind. With vast blue skies providing a delightful background after months of grey.

Then back down the track about two kilometres to our cars. New friendships formed in relaxed congenial company we visited a happy space where our ‘juices’ flowed … don’t ask, it was an IT error!


  1. this is how I wonder about your wonderful poem and life tips that will allow me to keep my distance from matters bothering all people, regardless of what continent they live on. The photo of this shrub with a unique flower has a positive feeling.
    Best wishes

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  2. Our Victorian weather is not very kind this week Kate .. but life has been kind to me, and despite my limps and aches, I am thankful that I can still take Frankie for a walkie every day, even on these cold days … and for my ongoing kindness to Frankie, I receive double the amount of kindness and love in return … Our furry friends “are not blind to kindness” and us human-beans should take note of their unonditional love and kindness … hmmm .. I’m thinking of a little poem here …. hang on Kate .. this won’t take long ..


    Am I silly or bold
    To be out walking in the cold
    Am I silly or bold
    To not listen to what I am told
    Am I silly or bold
    To keep writing about Putin’s foolish goal
    Am I silly or bold
    To believe humanity will remove its blindfold

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  3. What a great poem! I love this one! And we can all relate to what you’ve shared.
    I love the goodness that is within this poem…even the navel-lint-gathering and the nose-pickin’ and the good poo! 💩 😉 😀
    Yes, kindness abounds! I see it every day! And we can always choose to start it and/or be a part of it! 🙂
    Music, meditation, and a melancholy-cry always helps. 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂
    PS…your photo reminds me of when I was wee-one and saw a bottlebrush plant for the first time…I remember being so fascinated by it and hoping no one would try to clean bottles with it. Ha! 🙂

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  4. ‘but healthier to have a good poo’ I agree. ‘jazz and meditation lift my soul’ it’s with me as well that music and meditation help to be present in the now. I always enjoy your poetry.

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    • yes we absorb all the heaviness that weighs us down and often overlook the love that surrounds us Ingrid … hope you enjoyed your Jubilee celebrations. I’m sure some Brits had their own little parties but there are many here who strongly support becoming a republic!

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  5. Kate, you tickled me as I considered a vision of you picking your nose and staring at your navel… But the advice is solid! A walk on the beach with congenial company and the opportunity to connect with others is always a mood elevator! Love the photo! What kind of flower is that? It is startlingly beautiful!!

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    • thanks Val, it’s a Little Dugald, a variety of NZ Christmas bush. The birds absolutely love it, heard it should attract bees also but not spotted any on it yet.

      Had a lovely fire and food event at the property of Campbell, our walk leader yesterday. Ten of us had a great day with sunny weather … a rarity for us these days 🙂


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