we’ve had a few familiar rooks
elected back into parliament
the treachery of scomo and
his ravens saw them banished

the mischief of the labourites
will they get a majority and
rule in black and white
or will they have to court

the greens, the teals and those
independents more representative
of our multicultural society
our votes murdered the crows

bloated with arrogance
ignoring women weather
and welfare; white elitist men
blind to our countries needs

bring on the chattering and scold
of those ignored for far too long
let their voices ring out, give
democracy some clout!

d’Verse, corvid poetry, Ingrid

A treachery of ravens
A parliament of rooks
A clattering of jackdaws
A scold of jays
A chattering of choughs
A mischief of magpies
A murder of crows

my pic

I couldn’t resist this prompt as it opened the doors on our very recent election
with 29% votes to be counted we finally have better representation at many levels
but how they will govern remains to be seen as they’ve been left with the worst possible budget nightmares
and a country torn by elitism bigotry and woe at the hands of a few …


  1. I totally believed Conrad Lorenz who wrote “King Solomon’s Ring” and explained if you cock your head when they sit on your shoulder and flutter your lashes they read this as a sign you are asking to be preened, and they do it with the same care, they do to each other…Well luckily:) it seems he was right:)

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  2. Kate, I have learned something reading your political take on the Corvid family…On a personal note, I have had two ravens in my life, free but always returning to sleep home.I found them more like clever entertainers, the smart kid in the class with innovative ideas and very loyal. They are quick-witted, quick learners and used to preen my eyelashes. I know they have many more sinister connotations in literature, but for me, they were amazing creatures that showed many layers of emotions…one being love.

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    • oh I agree totally, they are super intelligent … I watch them play together and there is no doubt they are very clever. But preening your eye lashes, doubt I’d be that brave 🙂

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  3. I don’t want to think about what’s going on in my beloved country 😪. The dirty politics has hypnotized a large proportion risking the safety of coming generations.

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  4. we just concluded our national election as well Kate. the campaign period alone was nasty and dirty.. i hope and pray for both of our nations new leaders and for the whole world

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  5. Seeing democracy in action sometimes resembles more agony than praise. Americans praise their way of doing things while the back door is left wide open for all sorts of darkness to just waltz in.

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  6. I echo your craws here Kate…. The world over needs an overhaul of these corrupted systems…. Just how WE replace them in the future needs some serious thought.. World wide we cannot give our power away again to the few.
    From what I have heard of your independent leader Australia One Party and Riccardo Bosi, he has a better idea of nominating trusted candidates that the community put forward. Who are committed to the truth.. Not feathering their own nests..
    Great Poem.. 🙂

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  7. I’ve always been a Labour Party man, and Carole was secretary of the Geelong West ALP branch.. and I think it’s a great boost for Australian politics to see the Greens and Independants grow in numbers to the demise of major Parties … a big wake-up call from the voters of Australia, who sick of arrogant leaders … and Scomo’s last desparate and despicable act on election day (re the refugee boat incident) is exactly what the Knowledgable voters deplore about politics … using the refugee situation to gain votes …

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  8. I love crows and think of them as “sanitation engineers” cleaning up the garbage. It seems a good analogy that the crows should be taking out the bloated carcasses of corrupt politicians…

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  9. Yes! Right on! And I hope for great improvements there and all over the world. Each and every country needs positive changes.
    Great birdy photo! I always love learning what a group of any animal or bird, etc., is called. 🙂
    Oh, the ravens and crows talk to us when we are out walking or in our yards! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) ❤️

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  10. And as my husband stated last night, first time ever an Aboriginal has been appointed to the front bench to represent Aboriginals, and a woman to boot. Let’s hope we’re on the brighter side of the sun finally

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