extreme weather

a logophiles job is
to find ‘better’ words
to specifically fit

‘climate change’ is inaccurate cos
we’ve always had fire floods and famine
‘global warming’ is inadequate as
our [oz] summer was the coldest yet

EW = extreme weather
feels like a better fit

for our wildfires and floods have
become extreme often creating
their own weather patterns as they rage

destroying everything in a major way
lives homes pets livestock and crops

where once a town was affected
it now numbers in the thousands

infrastructures trashed
with dire emotional tolls

inadequate resources
to constantly rebuild
grocery supplies wanning

people are opting out
not sure if that’s by choice
or just disheartened …

our pollies BS
maintaining status quo
idealism vanished
none accountable or transparent

yet there is a viable solution!

the longest [65,000 years] living culture
who survived the ice age

still live in Australia
blessed with ancient oral knowledge
smarter to access their traditions

even white invasion couldn’t obliterate
they are indeed survivors
whose insights we need to seek

would love to hear your thoughts on this subject?


  1. I agree with you on many points, Kate. These are the two most important ones – use of the term ‘extreme weather’ and the need to call on our First Nations people to inform the way we look after our country, our world.

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  2. you are so right on this one… EW seems a better fit. The cycles of the earth have happened since the beginning. It is ironic to me that we think we can change them by our small actions! it takes a volcano, earthquake or Sunami to alter what is happening. The indigineous peoples all over the earth have much to teach us … if we listen!

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  3. Hi Kate, I am behind and slow getting to this one, I’ve been a busy old plumber, and a extremely busy old poet …. and I haven’t had time to see what the Geelong weather is doing … hopefully fine tonight fine, as I am going to the ‘lowercase’ poetry recital event …our first one for over 2 years …

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  4. Many of the First Nation peoples around the world have passed their history down so accurately…sharing happenings, solutions, deep-heart concerns, their oneness with the land and nature, etc. We would all be wise to listen to them and learn from them.
    Nature tries and tries to alert us, too, and we don’t seem to be listening. 😦
    A powerful and wise and timely poem, SweetKate! Thank you for sharing it!
    Seems the whole world is dealing with extreme weather, getting-along issues, hopelessness, how to meet daily vital needs, etc. This would be THE time to band together as humans, be humane, and put aside those things that really don’t matter and yet seem to divide.
    (((HUGS))) 🙂 ❤️
    PS…”Earth was created for all of us, not some of us.” – Anthony Douglas Williams ·

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  5. The words are unimportant
    The facts are there to see
    Things are heating up
    And it’s not just you and me
    Thunderstorms and lightning
    Floods from drenching rain
    No sooner has it stopped
    Than it starts back up again
    Next there’ll be no water
    We’ll be plunged into a drought
    Darling, it’s not difficult
    To see what it’s about
    There’s too many of us living here
    Who all refuse to share
    Too many greedy people
    Too few of them who care
    Some of us are stupid
    Some just unaware
    But there’s something in the atmosphere
    There’s something in the air
    I know that you can feel it
    The end is coming soon
    You don’t need to read the music
    To understand the tune
    Don’t look for intervention
    Don’t look to God. You won’t be saved
    But there will be retribution
    For the way we’ve all behaved
    So you can call it what you want to
    Your words all mean the same
    For when you are your own creation
    You only have yourself to blame

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      • I was reminded of this old song created by an old acquaintance many years ago. It just goes to show that during the intervening years (and, my gosh, it’s almost 50 years now) we have learned very little.
        The title, quite obviously, but very appropriately, is (was?) It’s Going To Get Worse ….
        There’s been a demonstration
        I saw it on TV
        It was a classic confrontation
        Between students and police
        They stoned the Governor General
        Got stoned in their turn
        A spokesman later ventured
        That they’d left no stone unturned

        It’s going to get worse

        Dying of starvation
        I saw it on TV
        It upset my digestion
        So I could not finish tea
        I gave to a collection
        Could have given more
        If it weren’t for my objection
        For poor sustaining poor

        It’s going to get worse

        Now they’re writing to the papers
        That we’re heading for a fall
        But they’re running out of paper
        So the writings on the wall
        And I can’t believe my eye
        But there it is in black and white
        No way you can avoid it
        Heredity curse
        May as well enjoy it
        Even though it hurts

        It’s going to get worse

        Things are getting better
        So they’d like us to believe
        Even though the air
        Is near impossible to breath
        Land and sea are dying
        Real Estate. Technology
        What a tangled web we weave
        When first we practice to deceive

        It’s going to get worse.


        • nailed it pops, it’s been an ongoing concern for every generation … except now we can see the evidence mounting daily! It’s no longer just a concern, it’s a real threat 😦


  6. ‘Climate change’ must have been invented by the fossil fuel agency, because the name suggests no human agency is necessary. I think ‘imminent apocalypse’ might be accurate…

    Certainly the wisdom of indigenous people could help, and perhaps even save us now!

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  7. Kate you summed it up accurately. We need to seek wisdom from those who have survived. The ability to adapt has always been our species saving grace. Now we need to accept that many of our “advancements” are at the root of our miseries. Those who fail to adapt will, by the laws of nature, fade away…

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  8. I think “extreme weather” describes the situation pretty well, Kate. We have supply chain issues here with a few items always out-of-stock at the grocery store. I have heard predictions that world hunger will be exacerbated by the war in Ukraine, which provided about 40% of the world’s wheat, and has been the world’s largest supplier of sunflower oil. These are chaotic times!

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