Good grief

There is nothing surer in life
than we will pay taxes and meet strife
for loss and death touches us all

psychopathic bullies start wars
or riots to bolster their egos
others fearful of their threats

too slow, reticent to react
from international to domestic
these intimidating behaviours

impact the vulnerable
taking lives
damaging psyche’s

men, soldiers, nations
need to sort their priorities
protection for all

respond to the call
lift your game
it’s your mind you should tame

leave no room for bigotry
no room for marauding monsters
kindness and love will heal

can you abandon your egos
to give it a go …
let down your defences

know that gentleness and respect
have a far more powerful effect
there is much common ground

let differences abound
they bring quirky delight
there is no need for fright

develop greater insight
kindness has more might
surrender, don’t fight!

d’Verse, grief, Lisa

Lisa’s inspiring prompt plus inspiration from Punam’s response … a triad of strong women prevails!

another pink dawn


  1. Your final 2 stanzas were poignantly perfect Kate
    “let differences abound
    they bring quirky delight
    there is no need for fright

    develop greater insight
    kindness has more might
    surrender, don’t fight!”


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  2. “men, soldiers, nations
    need to sort their priorities”
    I love and appreciate this straight and bold message of wisdom coming from you. I agree with you.
    That picture is stunning gorgeous – I think this is a good thing to prioritize in life – appreciate the beauty of dawn, then take it from there 🙂

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  3. Powerful important well-poemed message!
    Gorgeous breathtaking very-pinkly dawn!
    If more people sat in mediation, quiet communion, and genuine appreciation with the sunrise, the sunset, and the moon-n-star-glow the world would be a better place.
    (((HUGS))) 🙂 ❤️
    PS…”Be the reason someone believes in the goodness of people.” – Karen Salmansohn.

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  4. Such a beautiful pink dawn! It resonates well with your poem. Kindness can change the world and bring us hope. The pink hues of early morning remind us that a gentle spirit can do so much.

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    • L’Amore è necessario …
      Rispetto e non egoismo …
      Il sole non chiede pegno per sorgere …
      Si mostra a tutti
      Madre Terra da in suoi frutti chiede solo un po’ di mani che lavorano .
      Il futuro e’ possibile …
      Invoco solo la Pace ☮️
      I miei nipotini 💖💖💖🐦
      Ciao ,grazie 🐞🍀

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  5. I know what you write about in your poem. There is a war triggered by the EGO across my eastern border. The tragedy of people who had to flee, and put all their belongings in one plastic bag, were escaping from death, rape and hunger. My country has received over a million refugees, we help them as much as we can. How long will the world watch aggression?

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  6. More love – less war. I know it makes me sound like a hippie but I do think that if we could set aside the ego, selfishness, greed, hate and ethnocentricity we could be Love. We could elevate every individual and surrender to peace. Your poem is a perfect road map to that kind of world!!

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  7. Kate, your poem — and breathtaking image — were worth waiting for. Thank you for including me in you triad ❤ I love everything you say here. It is truly inspirational. We have to set those egos aside.

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