You deserve Respect and Support
in every relationship
so don’t settle for anything less!

my photo


  1. The click is stunning. Water and the impression of the light on it…mesmerising. I always find the water to be of great attraction. It can also meet the sky and kiss every bliss above it.
    Never ever settle for less. I agree with you completely.

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    • The pain has been SO much better for a few weeks now. I am so grateful!
      Not sure when or if I’ll post again. I’ve gotten busy doing other stuff, fun stuff, and it seems to be replacing the time I used to devote to blogging.

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      • I am back with satisfaction. The real purpose was to be with my Mum. One day in office made me forget my vacation 😀.

        I hope you are doing fine Kate blogging or otherwise. I still have to catch up a lot. Hope to see you around. Take care.


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