heal within

no matter the issue
especially those requiring a tissue

my front line profession involved trauma
dealing with child protection matters,
abuse, violence and mental health issues
those war damaged, suicide, poverty, fears
and addictions … injustices of every type

then on a personal level
family abuse, chronic menstrual pain,
relationships, broken back, breast cancer,
gas-lighting, sexism and bigotry
copped it in far too many ways …

on a community/global level there are
wars, pollution, wanton destruction and waste
hypocrisy, inhumane treatment of others,
pressures of conformity and expectations, taboos,
plus all the isms that persecute and exclude

travel was a delightful geographical escape
often debriefed with kindly professionals
finding my spiritual path a natural progression
meditation became essential for my sanity
then poetry suddenly arose, what a cathartic

healer … writing it out, word play renouncing
all that heart ache, and knowing it was their
ignorance, not staged just for my sake alone
understanding we are each responsible for
every word, action and inaction eased the

turmoil in my heart/mind, balanced my
bewilderment that our world
could be so harsh and unkind

as spiritual practice and meditation flourish
travel and professional help diminished
poetry the universal healing connection
thus establishing a healthy outlet
eases my emotional and mental upset

This was specifically written some weeks ago for an anthology, Wounds I Healed: The Poetry of Strong Women.


  1. Dear Kate,

    Your story in poetry is amazing and incredible. I love it and kudos to you!

    Think again….. how would it not be chosen. I’m sure of it!
    and If I’m wrong I would have voted for it.

    “Wounds I Healed: The Poetry of Strong Women, doubt it will be selected so I’m sharing it here”.


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  2. You are a strong woman. You have turned your pain and failures into poetry that gives strength to other women.
    I wish you successes


  3. Thank you for sharing this, SweetKate! You are an inspiration!
    I hope this poem is selected and honored…it would help so many people!
    Keep writing…it helps you, and through you, it helps others. 🙂
    I am just one of many who has benefited from you, your life, your writing. 🙂
    (((HUGS))) ❤️

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  4. Poetry is definitely healing! Getting words down on paper is an amazing practice…we discover so much about ourselves and the world. I am glad that you followed a path that brought so much healing. It takes great courage, but it is the only way to move forward.

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  5. Bravo, Bravo dear Kate and you have come from pain to pure happiness. As you rightly said we all have to go thru our lives and poetry is a real balm and the right direction that you have taken. Thanks a lot for this wonderful post.

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  6. Recognize, accept, transcend, and finally be able to reach back and pull others away from the edge – truly a remarkable journey. The strength is obvious! I don’t know how this wouldn’t be accepted for their anthology.

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  7. Kate, your poem is very powerful and a perfect selection for an anthology of writings by strong women. I do hope it is selected, but thank you for sharing it here too. What a journey you’ve had, with more to suffer than most. Your choice to poem your wisdom and share it with the world is mighty; a gift for us. Thank you. 💖

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    • I think more have had it worse than me Norah but when folk rave about their loving families and doting mothers it is difficult for me to comprehend.

      And what I loathe is when too many blame their childhood for becoming ‘ugly’ citizens … that is no excuse to shirk responsibility … we need to process that, learn from it and move on!

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  8. You have endured an incredible journey Kate. I thoroughly understand the therauputic aspect of poetry, and it has become a positive part of your healing process… I have copied your magnificent into my “Poetry File” collection … 🤗😊😍💛🌏

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    • much appreciated Ivor!

      we all have numerous trials and tribulations to overcome and the crux of this anthology is to share our healing process … imagine there is a very broad range of ‘coping’ techniques and the more we know of the easier it is to access them 🙂

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