try to write
when life gets too cruel
flow feels better than flight
stops me being a fool
grants calm and some insight

feelin blue
like limp lumpy plastic
bein real is more true
to feel fab fantastic
let loving care imbue

six minutes only between these photos of my front yard …

Val’s prompt – Write a Bob and Wheel poem or write a poem using the word “plastic”

Quintain (or five-line) stanza or poem; Rhyme scheme of ababa

First line of two to three syllables; remainder have six syllables per line

syllable counts are ideal for the mathematicians, coders and scientists
… some of us just prefer to play with words!
two for the price of one



  1. Can I just come to stay with you or besides your house forever. I need these colours to fill my day and night. Perfect to spend life.
    The pink and orange, I so wish to intake a part of the charisma of the sky. It would feel so light.

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    • lol we have finally had some sunshine … there was no point in posting pics of the floods, the grey dull months of torrential rain … don’t be fooled, every paradise comes with a dose of dreary 🙂

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    • ha, I took these photos because we’ve had about 7 months of torrential downpours, we lost summer entirely, and suffered two massive floods leaving thousand homeless Kim 😦

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      • I have friends who live in NSW and I saw on the news that flooding was an issue there but this sounds awful…to lose a beautiful season such as summer is something we’ve experienced here due to fires and last year’s heat dome…it’s hard to anticipate a new season in this era of climate change, sigh.

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        • yes, seems news of our disasters are seldom broadcast world wide but we’ve had 2.5 years of horror here … first huge wild bushfires – most of those are still living in tents – then 2 years lockdown … now the huge floods, made worse coz a new highway acted like a dam and raised the level another 4 metres …

          I am so blessed to be safe and housed, too many aren’t 😦

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          • I recently heard from my dear friend in NSW and she was impacted but is thankfully housed…we just purchased another stand up fan as there are murmurs regarding another very warm summer on the horizon.
            I’m glad to read that you are safe and housed, we lost two towns up country last year due to fire and flooding and some of those folks are still not back in their homes either, it’s a shame!

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            • we have thousands homeless here so your friend is very blessed! They are telling ppl it will take 2 years to rebuild … but they told the fire victims that more than 2.5 years ago and most are still sleeping rough eg camping. With so many extreme weather disasters our tradies and resources just can’t keep pace …

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  2. “to feel fab fantastic” — great alliteration — I can see myself saying that when I’m having a great day and someone asks me how I’m doing. Stephanie

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  3. Yes! Writing does restore equilibrium and put thoughts into order from chaos! I love the direction your Bob & Wheel took on the plastic prompt too. Too much is turning to plastic in this world – makes me appreciate the people who are true to themselves like YOU! And to top it all off the photos are stunning!! Kate, I hope your week is wonderful!!

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  4. Write what’s right
    Your line of sight
    Can be your only view
    What you see
    Can only be
    The only thing that’s true
    Right or wrong
    The only song
    Is what you choose to sing
    It is your vision
    And optimism
    Is what you choose to bring

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