ripples #rant

Write a Rant Prose poem or write a poem about blindness … I did both!
Are your ripples tender or toxic?

bigotry is blind cruelty
we’ve all been guilty at sometime
the damage done
the harm caused
with righteous outrage
is purely self-indulgent

it comes from ignorance
small-minded blindness
with far reaching repercussions
it kills community spirit
it alienates others

it’s totally unfounded
yet outrageously rampart
it’s insidious and lividus
and woefully unnecessary

it’s a cesspool
manifesting from ignorance
about people or things

fear of the unknown
indulging self-righteousness
with inhumane blindness
we sprout harmful words
sharp nasty looks
shut others out with rudeness
kill their joy
with such hateful intolerance

yes I’ve been a victim too
putdown gaslit and abused
by those intolerant of ‘difference’
too lazy to ask what I’m about
easier to poke fun at
talk about
exclude and ridicule
rather than engage
or ask about my story
it’s relentless
it’s merciless
it’s insidious
and constant
those ugly looks
hurtful exclusion
and the endless torment

when confronted
by a First Nation colleague
who asked
“How could you know about prejudice?”
I listed a long string of incidences
to gain their undying respect
so even amongst us – those different –
there is little comprehension
of the spates we are each subjected to

the hurt runs deep
it’s a constant seep
creeping into the marrow of my bones

no one
not one of us
should ever know
such wearying mindless taunts

not fitting into societal expectations
daring to be individual
rather than follow the “norm”
is a lonely but rewarding path
as you know the poison they spawn

it makes one wary of socialising
just waiting for that toxic reaction
subtlety harder to deal with
solitude a worthy state
lockdowns a thankful excuse
to avoid social duties
knowing the few who accept us
ensure to keep us
separate from their friends

knowing the rigid mindset
it’s easier to avoid others

that narrow self-righteousness
where do we get off
what is the point?

know my own weakness
learn some meekness
isn’t it healthier to share
loving support and innate kindness?

think you’re more tolerant
think again …
cease this perverted mental violence
it’s damn cruel ignorant blindness!

this has been so cathartic,
I’ve written on the subject before but personalising it took me deeper
… it’s a constant toxic creep!



  1. Very well articulated Kate. You’ve reached inside and extracted the toxins, they ooze through your words. An antidote to ignorance one must hope

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  2. This is awesome! I’m feeling the blast repercussions of the emotional explosion!! This was certainly an excellent vehicle to get rid of that negativity and as you say, toxins… Wow.

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  3. The only cure of intolerance is kindness. A kind heart learns to see the world through a new kind of vision. Happy are the souls who adapt to this view for they are more accepting of themselves as well. Suddenly, you come to see that the pond is full of beautiful swans (or pelicans, or ducks, or whatever), all just trying to survive. Life can be so hard, and the pond can be brutal at times. Each swan has its own legacy and grace. Each swan shares a story all its own. Such a powerful poem you have written here… it makes people think about how their actions affect the entire pond, how their actions can hurt so deeply.

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  4. This is right-on, powerful, and heart-touching! I can relate, SweetKate.
    Oh, how I wish every person in the world could read this poem!
    A great reminder that people should realize that every person they encounter has felt pain and mistreatment in some form. Everyone has struggles. (Some just hide them better than others.) Some chose kindness and understanding in how they deal back…others just add more pain in the way they behave and speak. 😦
    If only people could stop judging and hurting…and try to understand. We are more alike than we are different.
    May ripples of kindness, mercy, tenderness, love, and forgiveness flow!
    (((HUGS))) ❤️
    PS… “I imagine one of the reasons people cling to their hates so stubbornly is because they sense, once hate is gone, they will be forced to deal with pain.” – James Baldwin

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    • thanks for such an amazingly insightful response O wise one!

      this does sum it all up perfectly
      “If only people could stop judging and hurting…and try to understand that we are more alike than we are different.”

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  5. Of all the words in your rant, I believe SMALL-MINDED BLINDNESS are the ones which capture the essence of those who contribute to the “moral cesspool” we are witnessing. This is because they are completely unwilling and/or unable to think for themselves, and allow themselves to be led by the nose by those who do their ‘thinking’ for them.

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  6. I won’t pretend to be as wise as many these wonderful comments above Kate … I think these sort of ignorant attitudes have been around for a long time .. .. now I’m lost in my own Sunday morning thoughts …. hmmm … humans are so damn self righteous and ignorant … what I am trying to say is reflected in this wonderful music/video …

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  7. I can imagine what the victims of such bigotry go through and often take a lifetime to heal from such idiots, arrogance in destroying lives. What you wrote spoke to me as the mind hovers to so many times, due to our lack of empathy, understanding and education.

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