abc of life

I will enter into “Poetry” month with this one ….

Astute not agro [aggressive]
Beloved not bitter
Caring and capable not cruel
Daring and a bit devilish
Empowering not envious
Friendly not frozen
Genuine not greedy
Heartwarming not hankering
Insightful not insincere
Joyous not jealous
Kind and a bit kinky
Loving not loathing
Mindful not manipulative
Nurturing not needy
Observant not offensive
Pleasant not polluting
Quaint not quarrelsome
Radiant not railing
Sweet not sour
Tender not toxic
Unique not undermining
Vibrant not violent
Willing not wanting
Xerox-able not xenophobic
Yogi not yukky
Zany not zero

a literal Abecedarian poem 

our guest from WA


  1. Hi Kate … I’m here today, … feeling a bit yukky, but I’ll take Frankie for a walkie soon, and the my day will brighten up … you are a wonderfully positive influence on my well being, and your words here, are the sorts of attitudes that I try to achieve … 😍🤗🌏

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  2. Right on, SweetKate!
    Absolutely Beautiful Clever poem with such right-on wonderful choices for life! We can all make these choices for good every day and the world will be a better place! 🙂 ❤️
    “a bit devilish…” and “a bit kinky…” 😀 Oh, yeah!!! 😉
    (((HUGS))) 🙂
    PS…Your guest is quite handsome! Was your guest chatty or quiet?!?! 😛

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    • I doubt such a dignified swan would chatter away, besides WA is a super long flight 🙂 And frankly I would never have heard her above the din of all the surrounding sea birds, gulls and terns are super chatty 🙂

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  3. The black bird is also a rarity …
    The antinomies in an interesting poem characterize man very well. A great entry into the month of poetry and poets.

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