world peace and peace within

Begin with your spine straight whether sitting or lying then relax your mind and body with a breathing or muscle relaxation. Then knowing that your heart is a bottomless well of love imagine that with each out -going breath you are sending peace and love over to all Ukrainians and Russians. Feel sure that they are receiving the benefits, that they feel more balanced and peaceful.

Then send it out around the world to various individuals, groups and nations that they have sufficient shelter supplies and peace. Bring it to your country and radiate it out for all to have real peace and safety.

Gradually bring it in to yourself; “may I be filled with peace, loving kindness and tranquillity. May my heart overflow with the joy and love for all equally and unconditionally. May I have sufficient safety shelter and supplies and share any excess I may have with those around me in need.”

Rejoice in the sense of wholeness, satisfaction and deep peace … know that it’s yours whenever you take time to reflect.

you can take five minutes or more …
I recently lead this one with a group for an hour
it’s very refreshing 


my pic


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